nick getting taken down by zombies ( second try at editing)

** comments and constructive criticism please**


Blood pasted on, major clipping on left arm, which is Nick’s right.

The muzzle flash is fucking great for your 2nd time, the blood however doesn’t look so great, incorporate lots of different levels to it for it to look good. For example, different colours and directions it would fly in. Make sure it’s quite dark, bright blood looks bad in big clumps

faceposing and posing looks pretty good
could use better angle and some DoF though
muzzle flash needs work but keep it up

blood first of all should be darker
and needs to be going in all directions

other than the muzzle and blood, the picture looks pretty nice

blood almost as neon as spitter goo

i know i wasnt paying attention on the clipping, but i was more worried about the editing, there wasnt any good blood splatter that i needed for the picture at, are there any other websites just like, and the comparison:

Posing is good but the clipping on nicks arm is awful and so is the muzzle flash.

But the blood is just…Oh god…

Over all 6/10

have u read the title…? and constructive criticsm please

That is criticism.

I don’t care if it’s your still new to editing. It still looks bad.

well you dont have to be a dick about it

Someone can’t take criticism :ninja:

Anyways the blood isn’t even where the zombie is biting its off the the side

H4lf-D3ad how do you make the blood look more like a liquid in GIMP?

magicman1234 - How come I can’t see any picture of yours?

Don’t want to be rude, but here goes.

Awful posing.
Awful faceposing.
Awful blood. It’s not even in the right place.
What the hell, the zombie’s arm is pierced through Nick.

i am not sure. filesmelt wont load at all
i guess i will use tiny pic