Nick had a little too much fun with machete.

he’s probably going to fall if he walks like that, and the strong glare of light is very distracting. other than those problems, this looks good. lacks blood on the ground though :v:

Neads moar MOAR blood.
Also blood is cool but it needs to be a little darker, or maybe its the light.

The glint of light ._.

Why is the concrete glowing? Is it some sort of reverse black hole? Did the zombie divide by zero?

The camera angle leaves a lot of wasted space.

The light is horrible but the blood is excellent!

too little fun in my opinion he killed one zombie, good edit though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If only you could cut off more limbs on the zombies.

I love the effect of the machete when you slice their chests or stomachs open. I’m in love with L4D2’s gore effects… although it’s ruined by it’s horrible soundtrack D:

The light… Oh god not the light…

In the words of Pantera: Avoid the Light, avert your sight.
Maybe Nick is pigeon-toed?

Clipping with hand and machete.

Should show Nick’s face in a state of mad happiness and suppressed hysteria:) Like the blood.

“Oh that’s nasty.”