Nick happily shooting everyone's favourite enemy...

That's right! Mr. Off-Screen!

I put a lot of work into this and Hairybastard thought it might be my best edit yet, so I decided to make a thread.

Posing by Stea1th:


Please view the comparison, as some time-consuming aspects of the editing might be overlooked otherwise.

Comments and critiques please.

Oh, and are those shells too big/small? I didn’t really know what size to make them.

I really like the muzzleflash.

I like the lights, and nice pose mister stealth :slight_smile:



The editing looks really good! Artsy incoming.

I really advise people to click the compare screenshot link, its subtle… but when you compare it, you’ll see how epic this edit it.
The pose is also awesome :smiley:

I like the blue red color scheme (it’s one of my personal favorites) The muzzleflash looks very nice. Good use of the splatter brush technique. However, try your best to avoid too many little “flames” coming off, try to erase them a bit. It works good to copy a segment of a smoke reference and use that as a brush as well (whatever you have copied currently will show up as the first brush when you look to select them) you can use it to make it look even more like fire. The glow looks great, and I like the little rimlight you got on his side. You could have done a bit more with the shadows, but what you have right now looks fine; It just might have made it look even better. The only thing that I would have to say isn’t the best would be the shells and the smoke. The shells are it far too linear of a motion, and the smoke trails coming off the shells are too short and the smoke is a bit too erratic looking. Lastly, it might look better if there was more smoke coming out of the ejector port and the muzzle. But otherwise, a really nice job.

(Also, everyone, look closely at Nick’s jacket, pants, and belt, and you can see the effort put into this.)

I fucking love it.

I like it, good use of Kari’s skin.

800th post give me rainbows.

Very, very nice posing and editing.

Dude, Kick ass job!, Also to the person who rated dumb, If you rate, Post! so we know your not some minge


I think “Mr. Off-screen” should take a break and perhaps let something more original come in and steal the show.

An artistic for Chesty and Stea1th. Seldom has it been more deserved.


oh yeah, that’s beautiful.
god damn detailed belt
and jacket


Fuck you raiders.

…Fuck. That is sexy. And that belt is soooo detailed! :smiley:

Brilliant as always. Art palette shit thingy in-coming

Nah. You know what they say; “no rest for the wicked”. And Mr. Off-Screen is so very, very wicked. Why else would he be shot at so much?

Thanks for all the comments, guys! Really appreciate it. Keep 'em coming!

Sweet, but those shells look like .22 calibers, not so effective rounds you know…

looks great but i wouldn’t say it’s your best.