Nick is so hawt he's burning

Disregard lame assed pun-title-thing.

Anyway this is my first real Gmod picture, coz I finally got my graphics card upgraded.

It’s Nick! Coz Nick is so handsome <3 The map used was that of the burning stairs with Angela in Silent Hill 2.

I edited the original in Photoshop, you can see the comparison here:

Rather nice editing.

For the posing, his hand is clipping with his sleve.

Nice lighting and shading. Oh and texturing.
Good job man.

I am wet.

WAIT, is his right hand clipping into his shirt!? This image is crap!

But really not bad save the clipping.

I don’t see the whole looking good thing, his mouth and eyes are tiny.

Also, is it just me, or does Nick look just like John Cusack only with smaller eyes…


Yeah, but with different head shape.

He kinda looks like this guy…

No him and John Cusack combined, without the big chin.


Ellis looks like him

Probably because that is Ellis… and my picture IS Nick. I apparently look like Ellis… or so said a bunch of guys in the TnB community.

I think we all know who he looks like.

Not the cheese, NOT THE CHEESE


Noooooo the bad acting!!! Get the cage out of here!!!

Not to ruin anything but I think this conversation should go into general discussion or something.

What a stud.

I’d hit it like a bad red headed step child.

Yes. Nick is sexy as hell. I want him. :smug:

And the only thing that made this not 100% is the clipping, as said. Rawr, it was hot. Also, I have a strong feeling that guy compared to Ellis a few posts up is actually the person they modeled him after, it’s so fucking close to him. o_o