nick killing a zombie

I posted the png one into the “official edit my screenshot” cause couldn’t come up with anything, but now i did so there you go, please leave feedback

here’s the link to the png

The posing is awkward and the blood is a bit too bright

are they greenscreened on to that pic

yes, but more like redscreened since i used the colour red in gm_construct

That blur, blood is too light and looks out of place and pasted on. The trigger guard is clipping the trigger finger. Nick looks like he has no face posing. Work on your posing, lighting and tone down the blur, if your using SDoF I simply double click on the ragdoll I want the focus on. But keep working at it, I see potential.

Use green, not red. Or blue works well too.

kk thanks for the tips

“Shit, nigga, how does caliber taste?”

can you like… fuck off of my threads, thanks a lot

Wow dude… Uncalled for.

nothing good comes out of his mouth,
only criticises and posts stupid quotes like the above,

and apart from that i haven’t seen any of his work to proof that he knows what he’s talking about when he criticises.

In summary i don’t like this guy

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you might not see clearly, but i actually used face poser to make him look like he has no emotions, as in killing another person is normal for him

The direction that bullet is coming out is not right compared to the angle of the gun, and you seriously don’t need to make threads for everything if you’re just starting out.

They both look flat. I mean they look like wooden boards.

Yeah I can’t see it clearly because of the blur, also when people say “Oh, I wanted to show the character with no emotion” tells me you haven’t really botherd face posing, also the guy was making a joke, there are far worse people on here so get a sense of humour, there all the rage and don’t say "I have never seen any of his/her work they have no right in offering criticism is just plain retarded and then moaning to tell them to get off a public thread won’t make you any more friends either.

shall i bring some of his quotes? okay

"**Whaat? Too harsh?
Boring, pointless pose.

You wanna make it better?
Don’t use TF2 for a “serious” pose unless you’re a fuckin’ Russian with Photoshop.
Make it less empty. Be it props, poses, fuckin’ clip it- make it less empty.
Why the hell are there shell cases? Has he been spending time disassembling bullets? Show it.

“a couple mistakes” my ass. The concept is a mistake.
Fix that.**"


Usually I am not as bad, but I have been cooped up and my father took away my poor pc.

Plus this isn’t that great. So idc


plus it makes me feel superior


i’m better than you

u shud just go cry**"

then the first time when i saw him posting rude comments i asked him why is he being so rude he replied with:
"**A pose in the least.

Look, if you know it’s going to be shit, you have three options which should be limited to two.
Option One: Don’t post it, it’s shit.
Option Two: Post it where it belongs, “Don’t want to make/Doesn’t deserve a thread”
Option Three: Make a thread and realize people get upset when you waste their time.

Unfortunately for you, you chose option three.

Besides, I am not even being that hostile. Y’all need to stop trying to force a mood on me.
I am being sarcastic, but I’d say it’s far from venomous.**"

But you claimed you were starting out and that they weren’t that good.

You wanna make it better?
Don’t use TF2 for a “serious” pose unless you’re a fuckin’ Russian with Photoshop.
Make it less empty. Be it props, poses, fuckin’ clip it- make it less empty.
Why the hell are there shell cases? Has he been spending time disassembling bullets? Show it.

So that is hate? He was telling you how too make it better.

you know you can be friendly and give out some tips, im not some fucking modern picasso that knows photoshop inside out, im doing the best i can , and if i do some mistakes I expect to be corrected politely

Don’t rush whatever you do… Make some idea’s in notepad and Take as much time as you need on a single pose, Get everything set up how you want to, “The more time you put into your poses the better they’ll be.”

Oh dear lord there’s so much shit in this goddamn thread. Everyone, please, just calm the fuck down. Sumaher, you’re gonna encounter assholes all over this site. Best learn to take it in stride.

Hate to be that guy that tries to mediate, but seriously.

The background looks really good, but Nick and the zed do look very pasted on. The original .png looks fine, here it appears distorted. Blood splatter is arguably the hardest thing to do with screenshots, so you’ll hear a lot more shit about how bad the spray looks. Ignore the haters, look for the actual tips, i.e. Jacknife.

Just keep posing, mate. Practice makes perfect.

I do shit post a lot, I’ll give him that.
But, it’s a bullshit argument saying I need to be spectacular to criticize. I can tell you ut’s a dhit without having shat first myself.
I can tell you you’re fat without being fat myself. And besides, are you talking about my content or my posts in terms of what I am capable of?

And I offered you advice in a couple threads. I don’t care if it sounds nice to you or not. This is the Internet, who the fuck’ll care? And the quote, as my first post in this thread, was the few thought I had when I saw Nick’s pose, why fuck you gotta be so hostile? Not that I take offense or anything.

But I mean, keep on keeping on and I might no longer have an excuse to fuck with you.

And fuck of I made any mistakes in writing this, fuckin’ phones, y’know?

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Side note, if you post in the fuckin’ “not worth it” thread, I’m far less likely to hound after you.

Not that I am trying to intimidate you, I just don’t post in there unless I have a non-perskin pose. Which is rarely.

see? just because of this, i get intimidated , also saying I’m the one being hostile? honestly?..

I won’t bother talking to people like that if at the end of the day I’ll be wasting my time along with yours.

Word of advice, you’re waisting your time now. Don’t take people so seriously.