Nick (L4D2)

My first go at a poster so it might not look good.

it looks great

his face looks wierd though

His right eye… is he one of them?


But yeah overall a pretty cool poster it may needed some more posterlike effects on the pic directly and not only around it

Probably due to the angle, but thanks for the comment.

Oh wow, that’s amazing. Maybe because of the lamp I used :v:. But anyway, thanks for the comment.

Is it only me or that his torso is awkward?

its nice though


His arms could prolly be posed a little better, and the head just feels off.

Editing is perfectly fine.

Bad text composition, other than, great looking.

His eyes are off but everything else is superb.

Pose isn’t well done, editing is good

His eyes so funny)

he seems trustworthy.

Looks like he’s jizzing

Dammit all, you beat me to it.

Looks nice, and I think his arms are like that because he is like waiting for something.
The eyes could be a little lower ofc.

Nice angle and shading :3

Posing is good, except his right hand, it doesn’t really seem very natural.

hes jizzing in his pants? nice for a 1st

Editing great, but I don’t like the main font that much.

My only problem with the posing is the face, but I guess it’s the lighting that makes him look a bit retarded.

I lol’d.

You used the pre-made L4D poster, didn’t you?