Nick retreating with a Boomer bomb

and refuses to use it as enema fluid. i have no idea about what i was doing when i posed this it was like the day before halloween

doesn’t look like he’s running, and his facepose is too calm. fingerposing is great though, but there are some weird lines on Nick’s suit.

shove rad-x up your bum
also what the fuck where did those lines come from.

No reason to be rude, he just pointed out that the posing is not so very great. Atleast not if it’s supposed to look like he’s running. Now, it’s more like if he’s walking.

i rate you heart, kind sir :3:

Did you edit it? I think you might’ve forgot to turn up the JPeg quality.

The posing isnt very good(Hunter doesnt look like if he is running.Nick doesnt look like if hes running.)
Faceposing is too calm on nick.
Those are really really bright pipes.
Weird bright “lines” over the picture.

Just improve your posing and your pictures will get better.:smile:

Very nice, haven’t seen any Left 4 Dead 2 poses around yet… Sarcasim.

I agree with what The Combine said.


The posing is absolutely horrific. And what the hell is those lines?

i wasn’t being rude i was incredibly tired at the time

The posing is pretty bad. I thought he was just standing there or walking without having sensed the hunter.

Hunter looks like he’s gonna waddle after Nick.

I believe that was the intent when i made this.

And the hunter should waddle after Nick or what?

If you guys take your time to look at the lines, you will see that its random dodge/burning brushes.
Circular brushes to be exact.

Nick looks like he is relaxing with some Boomer bile. Not running in terror as one might assume. Little or no face posing. Witch in the back makes no sense.

I keep seeing that axe in l4d2 poses but i can’t find it n the demo.


Music is epic

because it isn’t in the demo, only the model is

Nick doesn’t look like he’s running, he looks more like he’s doing an irish jig with a broken leg.
Also, Nick’s lack of faceposing.

You could have at least rotate his axe holding arm to make the thing more notable