Nick, Rochelle, Ellis and Coach come across guard post.

Very nice. I like the lighting and the DoF.

Also, did you edit in that blood? If yes, real good job. It fits the picture really well.

Nice angle, posing is really good too but the blood on the floor seems a little transparent.
Lights are kinda bright too but cool.

Fourth time, still need to work on it.

Blood looks good except for on the boxes, you forgot to blur it. I think you’re improving.

…fuck. . .

you’re getting better at this, and the problems were pointed out by Uber and Vman. keep it up

Coach Approves of the Minigun.


ent_fire !picker disableshadow the health cabinet next time

I did try that and it looked worse, it looked like the camera…it was floating.

Nice picture, though the blood on the boxes looks… out of place.

Why does Coach have a pink gun? I WANT ONE!!!


That would be light reflecting on the chrome desert eagle surface my ‘jumpin the gun’ friend.

Need to show more of Nick, showing half of him kind of makes it incomplete like I still have to scroll to the side. Its not a serious problem but other than that the pic is nice