Nick shooting.

3-D version

Horrible map choice, boring camera angle. Loled at the dumpster in the back. Posing is pretty good though.

+1 (i)

boring camera angle as said and maybe some clipping on the shoulder is visible

+1 (i)

Muzzle flash if perfect for an AK’s suppressor.
But fear what is with you and adding ratings?

I’m not like 82% of people here and spam whatever. If I agree, I give them an agree so on and so on.

You should have added more blood around the jockey.

Falling back into bad habbits, Fear.

looks at finger nails
Yes…I need to stop biting.

The posing is really very good. It looks like a Nick NPC or in-game animation. Very well done there.

But God… the camera angle. I didn’t know you could make an angle this boring (actually, if you put it from slightly above it may have been worse). Don’t leave so much wasted space! Zoom in on the character and add a shit-load more stuff to the map, and use a decent map too!

That is criticism, have a <3

needs a better camera angle