Nick - Smokinkills - Major Hacker - UK 4 (Insane Stress Test)

For almost 2 weeks now a hacker by the name of “Nick -Smokinkills” has been what can only be called a colossal wanker on the UK 4 Insane Stress Test server. With the aid of aimbots, speed hacks, flying and until recently, the whole suicide bullshit, he’s managed to completely ruin the experience of the game for a lot of what were once, eager players.

How he hasn’t been VAC banned yet is beyond me! He’s had what must easily be well over 30 people report him now but still, he and his friend “Uptown Toast” are royally fucking things up for everyone but themselves. I’m usually pretty patient when it comes to having to put up with hackers but if I actually have to come to the forum to call him out specifically it’s saying something.

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Reports do nothing, VAC takes time. It’ll come, just hang in there.

Yup, this guy has got me SOOO many times. It really does spoil the enjoyment of the game!

A lot of people are playing the game because of word of mouth amongst friends, and all people like this nick guy do is discourage people from playing. Effectively they are pushing people away from RUST and into other games.

They’re killing the community and this shit needs to get sorted soon!

Then avoid the official servers.

He still hacking there? We left a month or so ago from official uk servers because of nerds like him. vac is stupidly slow. If your looking for an experience like uk official without the hacks then try [EU] METALTOWN

In this case I think it will be usefull, Nick already survive to 2 VAC bans waves, and he is still roaming around like 24/7 since more than 2 weeks.

Officials are quite playable these days after recent VAC bans, and there are still not other server with as many activity and population.

You can rage whatever you want…

Unfortunally it doesn’t help at all :confused:

Just try to ignore it, simply move to another server untill that’s fixed. There are enough servers with a decent population.

No chance. Myself, and my friends, have invested far too much time and effort into the game. We’re incredibly well established, know the lay of the land and the surrounding player bases well. I refuse to throw all that away because of one complete and utter arsehole. I’d sooner never play the game again than allow hacking scum like him drive me away from what we’ve made.

I’m baffled at how incredibly slow Facepunch are to react to this. Surely it can’t be that difficult to clamp down on whatever it is that’s causing the hacking. If it’s not sorted out soon I’m willing to bet that the interest in the game by the time release comes about will be severely disappointing.

How the hell has Nick managed to avoid the VAC bans for that long. It’s a joke that the official servers are less usable than unofficial ones. Why offical servers aren’t in any way monitored is beyond me!

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What’s the point in “moving to another server till it’s fixed”. Why establish yourself, give up and go else where, establish yourself a second time and then move back a third time? You may as well just stay on the second server for good if you’re willing to make the jump in the first place.

when it is so easy why dont you programm a mod wich does that? oh do you even know how to programm in c++, phyton, java or C#? and no not a simple thing like a databank, i mean a real programm

it can be up to an moth until VAC bans a confirmed Hacker, neighter we nor the Dev’s can change something on that… u know vac stands for Valve Antie Cheat. Valve is a own trademark, with own employees and own interrests. its not that garry newman just takes his phone, makes 1 or 2 calls and BAN… thats not how companys work.

please dont take that as offence, i just can tell you how the whole thing works, and we will never have a compleatly cheat free game… thats the curse of playing online :confused:

Punkbuster (or another 3rd party anti-cheat program)…sorted.

That’s a pretty bad stab in the dark you made there, assuming I don’t code. I’d suggest that maybe instead of trying to be a smart-arse, you brush up on your English and grammar, son.

Your assumption that I’m not already fully aware of everything you just said is laughable. Was that you unloading your vast pool of gaming knowledge upon me there?

well at first i can code in 3 different languages and to my grammar, how about you look at the little flag under my picture that is the flag of Germany u know, thats the cuntry where i live and probably german is my motherlanguage so im sorry if i write some words wrong, but without to question how good you can speak german i would try to stay at the point of the conversation where u clearly stated that it is easy to code something against hackers so why dont you just help the devs instead of raging in a forum? if u know how the whole thing works then i really ask me why we still discuss such a senseless point in a forum instead of coding some solution., well for me is clear i cannot help Garry and his team becous they are way better in c++ then i, and wats ur excuse? btw 1 semester Mastercourse informatik

Wow Noxy…don’t be so sensitive, unless you’re a hacker as well?

There’s no getting away from the fact that Facepunch need to sort this hacking stuff out or risk losing players to DayZ/Nether etc. People are already associating this game with hacking, “oh RUST? That’s the game with all the hackers, right?”. They’re damaging the brand.

(and before you have a go at me, I’m not a programmer but yes, I do work in the industry)

yeah sorry for that ^^ wasnt meant so agressive it sounded, its just everyone crys about that hacks, i hate it too, no question but it needs time to do all that coding … and vac dont cares about rust thats for sure :confused:

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oh and if i would use hacks i would hide in a corner and be ashamed of my whole living and wouldnt try to figure out how we can help to end this hackermess

I’m not interested in how well/badly you can code and nor did I say that it’s easy to code. I said it can’t be that hard (notice the italicisation there) to prevent the hacking.

“Probably” German is your mother language? You’re not a sure about that? Either way, all “cuntrys” (I so wish it was actually spelt that way) are capitalised in German, so you could still do with a lessons or two regardless.

The system clearly isn’t working very well if people are claiming the same person has been dicking about for over a month now and by raising the point on here it increases the exposure of our concern in the hope something gets done about it quicker!

“Code a solution”? What? For an official server? OK then…

well as i see u take that all as an offense but that isnt what i want to tell you with my posts, i just say I know (if u wanna know or not :3) how hard it is to code, so i have more then “gaming knowledge”

if u accept it or not in Fact there will always be Hackers sadly but true, and there will always be admins who abuse their powers, but also player who get a headshot from a skilled player and complain about hackers or admin abuse. ur right if u say dev’s have to do a lot in that direction. well the system already banned over 1k verified hackers, so they make progress, not much that is true :confused:

and no i dont want that you sit down and really programm something, i just want to mention to you that if there would be an easy way, devs are smart enuff to find it … hopefully xD

and if you find anny grammar mistakes or misspells you can ceep them :3

What makes you think that I don’t understand the principle that there will always be people trying to hack a game. Do you honestly think people that play games aren’t already aware of this, like it’s not extremely obvious, well you must do to actually feel you need to point it out.

I didn’t say that there’s an easy way to get rid of the hackers either. It’s obviously not that easy or it would already be done, but I doubt it’s *that *difficult that we’ll need to put up with hackers indefinitely. Why only the suicide exploit was solved and nothing else strikes me as odd.

the fact that you complain about hackers in a game that is in Early Alpha wich developers are making attemts to reduce hacks. im sure u read the patchnotes, from the last 3 patches where Hacks fixed, and possible treats. :slight_smile:

but here is a summary just to show everyone not onely you that devs make progress, (if fast enuff or not is not the question for me)

Friday Features:
fixed exploit where mouse sensitivity reduced weapon sway
added a delay to repairing objects after they have been damaged
metal structures now need metal to repair instead of wood
fixed random headshot sound that would happen when shooting near the top of inanimate objects
camp fire particles are no longer visible at long range (should help with performance)
you can only repair something 5 seconds after it last took damage

Post Dev Days Security patch

An attempt was made to fix ghost/desync
Fall damage & suicide exploit fixed
Reduced lag when entering areas with lots of objects in them (big structures)
Rubber banding/network correction is a bit smarter
Laser/Flashlight on bolt action rifle/revolver are now fixed and point forward

Thursday Patch!
fixed open door hack
fixed noclipping
disabled cursor hack for linux, which should hopefully fix crazy cursor issues.
fix attempt to ghosting
bruteforce rcon guessing is punished

and finaly my most beloved part
Status report #001

Well over 1,000 people have been VAC banned from Rust for cheating. We have also done a lot of work on both the client and server to make some cheats impossible. That’s not to say that cheating is eradicated. That’ll never happen. Even if we somehow manage to totally stop software based cheats… people will still be wrapping dental floss around their monitor to form a crude crosshair.

On private servers I was so disgusted by the ridiculous “gifting” of loot to the admin’s friends that I gave up in disgust, as well as other stupidity like far too many airdrops, or the incessant teleport requests.

We’ve had a pretty good experience on the US official servers. I caught a few hackers using “super-jump” but they seem to have been banned, or they just got bored. (Most hackers will get bored after a while unless they are clinically psychopathic…)

It’s alpha. That’s going to happen whether you like it or not. If you want something with stability, you picked the wrong game.