Nick the Generic Action Guy

Karimatrix is here with yet ANOTHER RESKIN!
NICK THE G.A.H. (Generic** A**ction Hero)!

Casual Clothes - check
Few cosmetic damages - check
Desperate Beard - check

From Die hard to Saw themed poses.




Comes in TWO, HEXED, decals FRIENDLY (LETS PUT A BLOOD ON THAT FACE) skins without rings or gunholster…
WITHOUT beard :fuckyou:
– and WITH FULL ACTION LOADED beard :awesomelon:

Interesting fact:
This skin was my first idea for Nick but in process i switched to Devil.
However the normal nick variant was requested and therefore i delivered.

:siren::siren:DOWNLOAD LINK: :siren::siren:

Me, Valve, and DragonNinja(for teh white shirt :3:).

_______________EXTREME BANJO TIME!
:pcgaming: :banjo: :rock:

Looks very useful. Good work on the skin.

Very nice! It’s really fitting for the awesome gangster killing secret cop dude action man hero guy!

Nick has become really famous lol
Awesome reskin :smiley:

Nick, The Uprising Bruce Willis substitution in Gmod.

Some damn sexy stuff there, gonna use it for my l4d2 aswell :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good but i really dislike it. Dunno.

You did not use the stuff I sent?

Looks like you recolored the coat and pants and shirt

This could be useful for two reasons:
1)Gordon reskin of Nick
2)House reskin of Nick

Until I make either of those, this is definitely the skin I’m using when I play Nick.

Gordon you say!?

It’s bloody genius! ON IT NOW!

Russian banjo solo go!

kickass too

My vote goes for house, haven’t seen too many reskins for him.

Give him a hat, glasses and a tie, and he’s the Nostalgia Critic.