Nick the Terrorist.

Waiting 4 MW2

Awesome, its that markov guy!

Whoah, he does look a lot alike!

Really interesting AK model, I was expecting the classic wooden Kalashnikov model.
Nick is so badass he doesn’t require emotion to shoot people.

Very clever. Looks just like the game, apart from he should be using an M4-SIR.

woah what map is that?

yeah nice pose ddok

Good Job. I notice Nick is getting a lot of attention lately…

yea because hes THAT awesome

Looks awesome.

Cool posing and nice edit vut the muzzleflash seems a bit odd somehow…

The odd displacement on the rafters seems… really odd. Like I’m seeing doubles dude.

The noise in every single pic of yours is too much, and not needed. It’d be better without.

The AK is mirrored the wrong way/no shells seen anywhere, or smoke.

He is in a pretty well light place, there wouldn’t be that big of a flash, or muzzleflash.

Don’t Agree with yourself SatansSin, It’s a kick ass picture, Nice posing, Nice editing, Nice scenery, Artistic’d My friend

I don’t rate myself.

It was I who rated him “agree” so shut your trash hole, Zilo and maybe try harder to make a picture for the editing thread that people won’t rate “dumb” if you care so much about ratings.

I smell Crysis weapons.

If you’re saying that this “tactical” AK thing looks anything like Crysis’ FY-71, then you’re pretty wrong:

oh my lord that ak looks great, any plans of release? :3:

Nick is so awesome his guns don’t eject bullet casings when he fires guns. :v:

“Remember, no dedicated.”

Besides that, pose is nice. Not a big fan of the muzzleflash, though. Make it a bit thinner next time?

Its much cooler and more realistic than Mkarov himself nice man!