Nick walking down the street + alot of bonuses.

Yeah I’ve made a few pics that I didn’t think deserved a thread… But what the hey, I’ll just post them here :v:

so C&C

The zombie to the left in the first picture seems to be shooting piss out of his eyes.

The jocky is scary. :ohdear:

I lol’d at the Nick/Francis morph.

I like that one. :v:

Cleans Francis up. :3:

Nice. High quality pics and awesome modelling. I like the coach one :smiley:

It looks like Nick is about to preform “Thriller” or something.
:slick: :dance:

The Jockey isn’t to scary, there is a rainbow on his right arm! :smiley:

He has armoar!

I want armoar!

Posing is good in all of the pictures.


nice models

Lawl the jockey has :downs:
I never noticed.
Pictures are goood IMO but the Francis/Nick morph is just plain rofl :smug:

That Coach wouldn’t happen to be inspired by my pictures now would it? <:D
I really have nothing to say on the posing, but editing on the zombie’s eyes on the first picture is weirdish.
Are they flaming or something?

Love the nick model.
Zombie eye trails reminded me of Dream Theater’s Nightmare to Remember.
“Screams of Terror, Pain of Fear, Sounds of Sirens, Smoke in my eyes”

Thanks for the comments :smiley:


The idea started with Nick supposedly being a carrier, but I didn’t execute it very well.