Nick walks to an abandoned evacuation point (Rain Test) plus extras

I haven’t posted anything in awhile and I have made a lot of poses lately, so I decided to create a thread.

This is just a rain test to see if I could make it look decent. I would like some C&C on this one.

Now here is just some random poses I decided to post.
Warning, 14 pretty large pictures.

They all look really great!

Wow, your use of DoF is impressive, and your posing & angles are really nice too.

On the rain, it needs to be less "line"ish, its way too long and blue, also it needs depth, it feels very 2D.

Very nice collection. Have a well deserved wood.

can i get those models in last picture?

Zombie astronauts. That is awesome.


Rain on first pic seems a bit… blue.

These pics look pretty cool!

These are REALLY good!