Nick watches the peaceful African sunset as he succumbs to his bullet wounds.

Here’s a quickie I made after watching the last 20 minutes of Blood Diamond.

I’m not sure if the sunset image was a stock image or somebody’s photography work, so just in case, I found the sunset image here.

Thats a big ass bullet wound

I don’t like the look of the wound. Other than that though, I like it.

Basically what hamberglar said.

Those are a lot of wounds, he would be dead by now.

Basically what Taggart said about what hamburglar said.

Nick watches the peaceful African sunset **as he succumbs to his bullet wounds. **

AKA yes, he’s dying.

Dammit, why’d I have to click on this while listening to Hans Zimmer.

Fuckin brought tears to my eyes man.



Many wounds. Nice though.

By the way, it’s not supposed to be a bunch of wounds. It’s supposed to look like one would that’s bleeding heavily.

Hold back those tears.

where are the black people

Why the whores did you spell my name wrong?

blood diamond, emotional movie

They aren’t in the picture

they’re behind Nick, because they shot him.


Just kidding they were Rhodesian mercenaries not black people