Nickname distance

Hi there,

There is any way to see the names from further away??

It’s annoying not knowing who is until the last moment…

Thank you


I don’t think so but I think it would a be good solution since we can’t dye our clothes or custom our characters

Increasing the distance would remove a certain level of tension and mystery that makes this game great. Yes it’s annoying until we can better customize our characters so teammates don’t shoot us during raids, but also you would have more KOS in my opinion if someone could immediately tell you weren’t a friend from a mile away. It’s a balance that I think could definitely use tweaking but I like having to get up in someone’s face and risk yourself to find out who they are.

But exactly this is why Rust is so exciting. :slight_smile:

void DrawPlayerNameplates()
		float maxDistance = 200f;
		GUIStyle style = new GUIStyle();
		style.fontSize = 11;
		style.fontStyle = FontStyle.Normal;
		// Retrieve the list of players
		List<IPlayer> players = null;
		players = m_players;
		if( players.Count > 1 )
			players.Sort (delegate(IPlayer a, IPlayer b){ return b.CompareTo(a); });
		// IPlayers inherets from IComparable
		// ...sort players by distance from local player
		foreach( IPlayer player in players )
			if( player.record.transform.position == m_localPlayer.transform.position ) continue;
			Animation anim = player.gameObject.GetComponentInChildren<Animation>(); // retrieve objects animation
			if( anim.IsVisibleFrom (m_camera) == true )
			{ // bounds check + Linecast to object from player
				Color i_color = Color.cyan;
				Color o_color =;
				float distance = Vector3.Distance (m_localPlayer.transform.position, player.record.transform.position);
				if( distance < maxDistance ) // make adjustable in the future?
				{ // maxrender for nameplates
					// calculate alpha for nameplates
					i_color.a = Mathf.Min(((maxDistance-distance)/maxDistance), 1.0f);
					o_color.a = i_color.a;
					// calculate offset
					Vector3 offset =;
					if( player.gameObject.GetComponent<Animation>() != null )
						offset = new Vector3(0, player.gameObject.GetComponent<Animation>().localBounds.size.y*.85f ,0);	
						offset = new Vector3(0,player.gameObject.GetComponentInChildren<MeshFilter>().sharedMesh.bounds.size.y, 0);
					Vector2 pos =
											player.record.transform.position + offset
					DrawText (, pos.x,pos.y,i_color,true,o_color,true,style);

This is some C# code from a unity project i’d been working on a bit on the side… It renders player nameplates based on distance… So yeah rendering player nameplates at a further distance is trivial…

My group members and I are on Vent. If we encounter someone we do a jump check. Anyone who doesn’t jump gets shot.

If I am playing alone or I know the guys aren’t in my area I shoot the person then ask who it was in chat. In saying that I don’t kill freshies though. Although it is pretty funny hearing them try to run up to you swinging a hatchet and when you turn around with your gun they start screaming “friendly” over the mic lol.

Better nameplates would be great though, or character customisation, maybe in a few months they will release it and it won’t be an issue anymore. Can’t wait to get a lumberjack beard on my character!

The problem is people who look new may be trying to spot or stall you for clan members or, worse, be trying to trap you in a shack.

I think that nickaname displaying only when you’re close to the dude is 100% done on purpose. And it’s really fine like that.

Now, I do agree that the game currently really lacks appearance customization but it will most likely happen any soon.

I’d reason that with friends you should be able to see the name when standing further away.
Maybe show names only for people who are in your group/friends list?
I think rendering names for everyone and showing them from a distance could ruin the gameplay…

this should stay at a close range as it is, it is a huge part of the voice chat and not knowing who people are