Nick's Paradise

What a smug bastard.

This started with me parodying a car ad and it ended up being about Nick being a smug gangster in his own personal paradise. He is a conman, after all, and he probably would want to want to end up being rich in Cuba or something. The lipstick on his collar also suggested he’s a ladies’ man, so it made sense to have Korin and Elexis in the picture as well.

Some photoshop work was done to fix some odd deformations with Elexis’ shoulder. Black Bars were added for cinematic effect. (It does look like something out of an action movie, after all…

No… Black bars does ruin images -_-

Shit quality, CS:S world model. BLACK BARS, other than that it’s okay.

The left girl’s head looks somewhat deformed, not sure what exactly…

I thought the black bars added a nice cinematic effect, and for some reason reminded me of GTA

Black bars is just a cheap way of trying to imitate the “cinematic” feel you get when watching movies on a 4:3 TV…
Though the image presented on a TV is cropped… -_-

If you want to get a cinematic feel, experiment with the camera…

“Fuck bitches, get payed.”

First thing I thought of when I looked at the picture, not sure if that’s a compliment or not.

But yeah, black bars, meh quality.

That smug bastard has swamp water on his white suit.

Lol Nick and his smugginess :smug:
First thing I saw, Title, author. “Do I dare click it?”

So it was YOU!


The Simple DOF hurts my eyes.


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His nick is GuitarFreak here on FP aswell, so don’t be rude. Do research before you come with statements.


Also, his profile:

I just think Black borders are pointless, but I’m not a rude prick and writes about it on a stupid blog…

I think it’d look much better if you’d clean up the suit and remove the scars.

And what he’s really looking at is Francis on a nude beach.


Off-screen paradise for Nick.