Nick's Realistic Molotov Cocktail.

This is my Fixed PERP Molotov you may call it. Please enjoy. Information down below. Not really realistic, but I cannot make a new thread of it now since I opened this one. Enjoy the Fixed PERP Molotov For All GMs.
As I said, It was fixed to work for all GMs, and maps except gm_flatgrass, and Gm_constuct. Edited, and scripted effects and entities all fixed by me. ( Fixed to work with SBox, and such. ) There, explained in full.
I can’t change models animations, maybe one of you can rip it and fix it. :9 Thanks. Enjoy!

This is a Molotov Cocktail… It burns shit… Use it wisely. ( Model animation doesn’t do any thing. That’s the only thing. ) At least it has a nice fire effect to it to use.

PLEASE NOTE: I AM TRYING TO SLOW DOWN THE THROWING SPEED! NO ONE NEEDS SOMEONE SPAMMING THEM!! I WILL HAVE A FIX FOR THAT SOON! The smoke particles already make it get lag a little bit for people, but once I fix the one problem then everything will be great. This is an add-on, place in addons folder, then it will work. You should already know that, but new people may need that information to help them. That’s what ‘SHE’ said. xD.

Also, it uses the fire effect used in a role-playing
game-mode. The fire spreads dramatically and you need a fast/gaming compute to use this.


  • New code to work for almost every Game-Mode for Garry’s Mod.
  • Cool effects, and can burn & destroy props.
  • Only burns with RP maps, GM_FlatGrass & GM_Construct will not work. It needs props, and other things to spread, that’s why you need this for RP intentions only.
  • Fun Detail, and probably the best Molotov SWEP ever to be released on

Also, I will try making this fire effect the replacement fire effect for GMod in that way, you won’t have the same old fire effect from HL2. Better fire, and smoke. :9

I am truly sorry that I couldn’t have done any thing about the model, it was made by someone else, I only coded it, the model you can complain about… The LUA is all about I could do.

To whoever made the fire effects, of course.
Me for coding the weapon and also the effects and entities that took a few hours to fix for the GMod community. Hurray! :stuck_out_tongue:


You dont even throw it?

The animations that were with original model never did have the throwing animation.

I’m not quite sure what’s so “realistic” about this to be honest man…

I beg to differ, this actually looks really shitty. There’s not even a throwing animation, let alone realism. Unless, of course, you mean ‘realism’ as in ‘LOOK AT MY PARTICLE EFFECTS’ in which case you still fail horribly.

That looks an awful lot like PERP’s fire, just pointing this out.

Real molotov cocktails don’t really burst into flames like that.

Wow, I’m sorry, but that’s fucking terrible.

-Terrible particle effect
-Complete lack of animations
-Unrealistic in just about every way imaginable

I love how poorly optimized the particle effects are.


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About as realistic as COD after COD2.

I don’t see why all of you are bandwagoning about how “Crappy” his Molotov SWEP is when it’s a free creation he did on his own time and released for everyone else to use.

And it’s Realistic considering the fact that every other Molotov SWEP released EXPLODES everything.

In regards to the actual SWEP, you should consider using particle effects from Portal, as everything else IMO is great.

“You can’t have this opinion, someone else already has it!”.

No, he didn’t have to create it in his own time, nor did he have to to release it, but he did.

“This gun that shoots plastic bullets is realistic because that other one shoots teddy bears”.

What else is there? The model is ugly, ignoring it’s lack of animation, and then there’s the animation issue and it seems to be a very basic molotov SWep, nothing too special.

There’s no animation and to be honest the fire effect looks god awful.

<cut post into slices and than Q_Q>

Warning you right now, you’re not going to last long here if you act like that. I suggest shaping up.

<i suggest you shape up on internet forum>

Really, I’m fine with other people having opinions but his criticism was simply:

If we’re not releasing addons for the community for feedback but instead to get flamed whats the point? And we’re all curious why some of our Facepunch members are taking down all their addons with everyone else complaining “YOUR KEEPING YOUR ADDONS TO URSELF!! RELEASE IT”

Correct, /he/ did create it on his own time and released it for us

This molotov lights things on fire, and is realistic because the other molotovs EXPLODE things

The model is fine, and the animation is missing because it is indeed a basic molotov swep

Flaming? ~ZOMG Summed it up quite well, "What else is there? The model is ugly, ignoring it’s lack of animation, and then there’s the animation issue and it seems to be a very basic molotov SWep, nothing too special. " That’s constructive criticism. The weapon wasn’t too good either.

Because that’s alot better