Nick's Realistic SWEPs V4

Nick’s Warfare Pack V4, I made this a long time ago, but recently, I decided to fix it, and make it better than it was before. First off, the new specifications:
Iron Sights,
World Models, Fixed LUA ( From where it made Spawn Menu mess up. )
Manual Pump for Shotgun. ( Instead of it auto reloading for you. )
WORKS BETTER ON MULTIPLAYER! I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT IT DOES! Use Create Multiplayer ( LAN ) when you use this, No you won’t get errors on SP, but you will not see the
scopes for the Grenade Launcher, and the Sniper.
Can shoot both pistols, Mouse 1 for the left pistol and Mouse 2 for the right pistol.

You’ll see yourself what I mean about it.

Credits are here.

There is a lot more stuff That I have added to this to make it more better for you guys. By the way, Multiplayer is Optional for this mod. Thank you.



Nice sweps and all, but it really doesn’t deserve to be called ‘realistic’. Try to come up with a somewhat unique name, as I’ve seen about 10 ‘realistic’ swep packs.

You’re not very smart, are you?

oh boy another boring generic “realistic” pack

How many times have I seen “realistic sweps”? I lost track a long time ago.

These weapons are very similar to Gmod Tower’s PvP weapons…

It looks cool but man, no where near realistic.

the idea is really really overused.
people need to come up with some new and original ideas.

lolrealism :stuck_out_tongue:

In a realistic world, someone doesn’t get killed by a single punch.