Nick's secrete admirer.

Love conquers all right?... Right?

The fear in Nick’s face…

Good posing, He should be looking at her,and Why do you have a lamp when its day out?.

WHAT the hell? :suicide:
Good thing i know you make your pictures for comedy, or i would rate you dumb. :chef:

He is looking at her, cam angel is a bit of. AA is on full (16xQ). Perhaps the lamp didn’t need to be there, but it gave me the shadows I wanted.


I am sure one can question my taste in women, but damn:)

i’d hit her…
as in with a shovel

I can’t tell if the “secrete” in the title is a joke or a misspelling…

It is a typo, Clumsy me.



oh god


I think valve made that model as a challenge to all those fuckers with the witch porn

Her belly is hawt


Goos posing there dawg

If they can make useful porn out of this model, I’m going to be impressed. But for the love of good taste, I hope they don’t make the attempt:)

That’s probably the most disgusting looking zombie model I have ever seen. God damn, Valve.

So they made a hotter version? I don’t get yours or valves logic.

Lol clipping hairs

Oh shit, that model looks so creepy.