Nicktoons models

Before I start, I have one simple rule: If you’re going to post in this thread, please leave all hatred for Nickelodeon and its shows at the door. Just once, I want to get a request like this filled with no negativity involved. That being said, here’s my request for anyone up to the challenge…

I want the Nicktoons to have some models and such for Garry’s Mod. I requested SpongeBob models already in another thread, so let’s leave that show out for once (even though the guy filling the request hasn’t come back with an update in a while…). All the other Nicktoons, at least the ones featured in console games, are what we’ll be focusing on.

The only issue is that some characters have been featured in more than one game and we need pick the best versions of them to port, based on model accuracy, how they’d all look next to each other, and how well they’d work in Gmod. I’ve come up with my own list of where to get who from what, sorted by the video game (in alphabetical order) I prefer to rip them from. Feel free to give me constructive criticism on any better choices of games you’d have in mind or if you want me to add a character:

Avatar the Last Airbender: Into the Inferno (Wii)*:

Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots (Wii)*:

Nicktoons MLB (360)**:
-Chum Chum

*Note: Making their alternate costumes as different bodygroups is optional. For the Toybots models, you could also get the costumes from the previous two games, Unite! and Battle for Volcano Island.
**Warning: These models are in baseball attire and may need custom tweaks to give them their normal in-show looks.

It’s a tall order to fill, I’ll admit, but I’d like any of these models if possible and I’m sure some other people will, too. I await anyone who will do it and remember: Try not to fill this thread with hatred and let’s actually try to get this done like mature individuals.

what about globs of doom? whant any characters from that?

Only ones that aren’t already listed. Maybe a few glob creatures… If we can’t work around the baseball equipment on the ZIM model in MLB, I’ll settle for his model in GoD. It’d be a shame if that were the case, as I think the MLB model looked more accurate. Oh, maybe put Dib in there, too.

BTW, which game has Jimmy Neutron been in that has the best looking models?


Well I was thinking of Jazz and Tucker from Danny Phantom, you also get ghost dog and Technus. As for Jimmy I do think his toybots look just as well as his globs of doom so I don’t really know

Well, yeah, obviously we’d want more of the DP cast… And I know Jimmy’s had some solo games before. Were any of the models in those any better? I honestly can’t recall.


Really, can anyone do this for me? I don’t need all the characters. I’d be happy with only a few, especially Avatar characters.

I’ll just chime in and say an Avatar ragdoll or two would be pretty boss!

Thanks! That alone should have attracted more people here… I’ll settle for just that show if it’ll get me some cooperation!

I plan on getting a Stimpy model at a later time, I may take on a few other Nicktoons models as well.

That’s Good! But what game?

Only one I can think of that has him in a 3D format is the old Nicktoons racing game, and I’ll have to fix it up and make it look more modern. I’ve done so before with a Pommy model for my Bomberman pack.

Just looked it up:He was in the Wii and PS2 versions of “Attack of the Toybots”, if that’s helpful. :smile:

I actually mention what games some good models of the characters I want are in. It’s in the list on the very first post.

You can try the Toybots version of Stimpy if you don’t want to bother editing out the baseball equipment of the MLB version, but the Toybots one isn’t as smooth-looking.

Not sure if I can extract it from a 360 game, so I’ll probably have to get it from Attack of the Toybots. I didn’t notice that he was in the game as I only skimmed the list. Should be a lot better looking than the one in Nicktoons racing.

MLB is also available on Wii. I really only mentioned the 360 version because it’s HD and whatnot.

I get the feeling the caps are part of the models for the ones from Nicktoon MBL. I’m just saying that based on textures. If I’m right, a little work will need to be done to the models from that game.

A lot of characters seem to switch from hats to helmets and even have a catcher’s mitt on or off at times depending on their position. This leads me to think that they can be taken off.