NieR: Automata 3D models

Tried using NinjaRipper to rip the 2B model but it doesn’t seem to play nice with NieR: Automata. Texture names didn’t correspond with the model .rip file names, so I tried to salvage them but no clue. Also, no rig because it’s NinjaRipper. So, here’s a shitty rip while I try to figure out how to rip from the game files directly (as opposed to using a D3D wrapper/injector like NinjaRipper).

Included in the .rar is an fbx, textures and the original .rip files that can be imported into 3ds Max with the script that comes with NinjaRipper.!z1oW1Yob!g8M38p_1MW9e5X6pzCPmZH_w0FOtj7qcsPr_VJFpBh0

When unpacking .cpk files in the game, I get .dat files, which when unpacked gives me .wmb files.

I’ve read around the internet that this is common in Platinum’s games, and that people open .wmb files with Noesis 3D using specific plugins (at least in Legend of Korra and Metal Gear). People even managed to open Transformers: Devastation’s wmb files in Noesis using the Korra plugin, but I can’t manage to open them at all (when trying to export I get a “The file type could not be determined” message).

Any help is appreciated!

Player models, textures and voices (.wmb)
NinjaRipper capture

Useful tools:
Ninja Ripper
Legend of Korra and Metal Gear Rising plug-ins for Noesis (source included)
CPK Unpacker
DAT Tool

About CPK Files:
data006.cpk - Seems to be where the player models are stored
data009.cpk - Seems to contain fonts, text, subtitles and UI stuff
data010.cpk - Seems to contain credits (?) and some stuff I don’t know what yet

that was quick. i was about to go to sleep right now. will have a look.

If it can rip Transformers: Devastation it could rip Nier.

Here’s what I get when trying to open the .wmb files:

I’m going to try extracting the .cpk and DAT files using a different method to see if maybe that’s the problem.

Yup, same thing. Extracted the .cpk files with Noesis this time, and then the .dat and .dtt files using MGGRTools (the same process used here to get the Transformer models). No luck opening the .wmb files.

I might have a surprise in the next couple of days

i’ll have one cooking up as well. something nice should come out of this.

What methods are you guys using to rip the models?

i think the files are extracted correct. the wtp are standard dds files. and they work. the wmb may be another version. upgraded. i go sleep now tho. -_-

Yeah, I think these new .wmb files have a different header and that’s why it won’t work. Not sure though.

Anyway, I think these are the player models, textures and combat voices.

So, after taking a look at the code of the Korra and MGR plugin for Noesis, it seems Korra uses WMB3 and MGR uses WMB4. Is NieR WMB5? Am I just tripping balls? Only time will tell.

yeh. i’m still not sleeping. just checked a small model. the header siganture says it’s wmb3. a lil different. a lil shifted. but nicely readable with the plugin source code. anybody that can read hex and code can recode that now. i may have time tomorrow to look at it.

and yes. seems to be players packet. i found a facemap.

it seems rather easy to extract. nice. :smile:

Awesome! I guess I’ll wait for the new code then :wink:

I’ve been trying to grab the texture files, but so far I just keep getting garbled, unusable rips. What are you using to unpack the files?

it’s not unpacked yet. i just edited the wtp (the first dds header in it) to show the whole file as one texture. and…

what do mean rip? ninja? bs. no need to ninja and rig this just to say “first”. wtf. the file extract usually turns out to be better. and the raw files and the extractor are there already. it should come out with a skeleton. i hope so. gotta look later (busy). we just gotta get the header correct.

if you wanna script a wtp extractor whatever the heck for the time being. in the file you gotta search for “DDS” mark as beginning. search another “DDS” or eof and mark as end. the offset difference is the filesize(s) you gotta extract. the DDSes also always start at 0x1000 offsets. easy to step to trace the sig and verify.

Set of our rips have wrong UVs
Please upload whole ripfolder, i’ll test it.
Just for experiment, cause seems Noesis/Direct import is more viable

Good to see the research team is already getting to it.

preliminary finding. pl0000.wmb seems to use a packed vertex format not a different stream for bones. starts at 0x4970. 3 float position, 8-bit packed normal, 2 half float uvs, 4 8-bit bone indices + 4 8-bit weights. when i find the bone matrices i can tell more.

now… i got a bday to celebrate. and no… it’s not mine. so… don’t try. :wink:

Sure. Here ya go.

Wow yeah, I’m way in over my head. Have a good party mate, I’m sure everyone’s dick can wait :quagmire:

Seems like all rip data is corrupt. Most of all rip files imported have broken UVs no matter what channels i use in importer and they have not correct textures applied. On first 1000 of .rips there was same 3 textures. So, i have couple of questions:

  1. what mode you used Ripper with
  2. is there any model viewer in-game, so we can rip only character model, not whole scene
  3. could you upload log file of this particular rip?
  4. don’t you mind if i sent all of it to Ninja Ripper developer?

Hmm, I thought something was fishy because I wasn’t getting the expected results.

  1. D3D11 Wrapper mode. I tried using Injector mode beforehand but it came out basically the same which prompted me to switch to wrapper to see if I had any luck. I could use injector mode and upload too if you think it’ll help.
  2. Not that I’m aware of… I was searching for a training room or something similar or a loading screen like in Bayonetta, but yeah, so far I don’t think there is a mode like that.
  3. Sure. It’s a 49mb .txt, but goes down to 188kb when compressed. Here ya go.
  4. I don’t mind at all!

Please use this as a reference for the skeleton, it’s official.