Night and GAMMA fiddlers

Im suggesting removing the whole night cycle as its pretty pointless because the majority of players fiddle their gamma and can see perfectly at night removing the whole point of a night time cycle and honest players like myself just sit in a house till its daylight as its instant death for people like me that want to play the game as intended and not exploit monitor gamma.

With the ESP out there in the mix and a good 90% of people fiddling gamma a night time cycle is pointless and is just a frustration until its fixed.

Ive been here since launch and I play on a server with a dedicated admin team removing hackers daily but the flood seems too immense Im going to shelve the game until hackers and exploiters are addressed , yes I know its alpha but annoying exploits like barricade raiding and ease of players cheating is ruining the game .

Just change your gamma and stop whining.
I’ve been playing just fine.

1- top skills for maturity clearly none
2- and with that attitude you probably hack because others hack
3- I pity society with people like you in it

His point was; what is the difference between having it daylight all the time or just jacking up your gamma. By jacking up your gamma there is no difference and nighttime could be removed. When you have your gamma setup so you can see perfectly at night the only thing night time does is give the glow of a furnace.

And my point is for people who want to play with ambience and the way it was intended without jacking up gamma are at a disadvantage , as you said jacking up gamma makes it permanent day so lets remove night its pointless . Some people also have clear advantages due to all singing and dancing expensive kit , im asking to level the playing field or do something that gamma wont penetrate

Subtle night time particle effects would negate gamma fix. (increasing gamma would increase particle intensity, blinding you with light instead of dark.) I think playing w/ gamma tweaks is cheap, almost worthy of exploit label.

To be perfectly honest I run my Gamma at 1.25 (default being 1)- Never adjusted gamma outside a game prior to Rust. The nights were so dark it was pointless unless you pulled out a flashlight or torch (**read: **instant death)

So while it is still plenty dark I still have pretty decent vision and the game still looks good.

Now… jacking gamma all the way up in the pitch dark does nothing really… It really only makes a noticeable difference at times just after sunset and just before sunrise.

12 midnight - darkness is pretty bad regardless of gamma setting.

I think games like Dayz have gone a little too far with darkness. Rust is WAY better than Dayz but still too dark IMO.

IRL if I walk out into the pitch dark - sure I am blind for a second but my eyes adjust and I can see pretty well. Other games seem to handle darkness pretty well.

I would like Nights adjusted personally so I can turn off my gamma setting.

I’d also like to add that if people are playing without gamma - those are the same people doing nothing but running to your shelters at night because you literally can’t get anything done. For me personally? I like to game in my free time - not run to my shack everytime the sun starts going down. What good is it to have an entire server go indoors for the night because they can’t play the game?

Exactly what im asking for or maybe trip flares or flashbangs to blind exploiters to give non fiddlers the edge

Night vision goggles - I mean come on we have Kevlar and M4’s surely there can be NV Goggles.

Hey OP, I have an idea. Why not try giving the forum a creative solution instead of just crying outloud.

“Just get rid of night time” get real bro seriously.

Maybe I am alone, but I enjoy going in once night falls. Gives me time to craft and repair and sort through my boxes and plan what I want to do once the sun comes up. I like the night and could care less what other players do at night in my server.

My monitor has display presets and one happens to be “night mode” so I’ll be damned if I don’t use it.

Well that you don’t like it alright that’s your decision, but don’t blame the players since it’s not an exploit (i don’t see it like that)

You simply enhance your game monitor, has nothing to do with Rust mechanics or anything. You can adjust this with any game to your own feeling.

Simply go with the croud and put up your gamma, or come with a good solution.

Saying “i don’t want that” it’s not helping anyone, give some ideas…

They used to have pitch black nights, but what’s the point? People want to play the game. With the vanilla settings you can’t go super far because of the night (if it would really be super dark) they want you to explore the map (i guess) and with this adjustment it’s easy for everyone, if you don’t like it. Then simply don’t change your way of playing, but other people will have an advantage.



verb: exploit; 3rd person present: exploits; past tense: exploited; past participle: exploited; gerund or present participle: exploiting


make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).
“500 companies sprang up to exploit this new technology”

synonyms: utilize, make use of, put to use, use, use to good advantage, turn/put to good use, make the most of, capitalize on, benefit from, turn to account, draw on; More
profit from/by, make capital out of;

informalcash in on, milk

“platinum was originally exploited by the Indians of Colombia and Ecuador”

make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.
“the company was exploiting a legal loophole”

I draw your attention to point two , using said technology other people may not have access to or want to use through fairness to gain an advantage over the rest therefore its an exploit , a weak link in the game that can be bent for your advantage.

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Again ,im not crying comments like that show your lack of maturity and I did suggest options , read before you open your mouth

Thank you

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An exploit in the gaming world has its own definition entirely.

Exploit: To abuse unintended game mechanics to ones own benefit

EVERYONE can change their gamma, you don’t need to download anything. It can be done with your own system…

The “well everyone else can do it anyways” is not a very good argument here. Hardware is independent of the game itself therefor gamma changes are not exploits. An example of a game exploit would be the barrier + pillar glitch.

Yes I know that but some monitors are far more superior and I don’t want to fiddle with something that clearly alters the gameplay in ones favour when night time was supposed to conceal and create an element of concealment. People fiddle gamma but some can see clear as day that’s not as the game intended otherwise there would be no night cycle. What im suggesting is implement something that can blind people that have fiddled the settings at night time to give fair players an option

The thing is… I didn’t say it’s an exploit, besides it is a good argument. OP can’t do jack about it, so why not go with the flow? Like there is nothing you can do besides going or staying but knowing people could see.

We can say all we want… exploit or not, this will probably stay for a long time. Plus i really enjoy the night with or without gamma, looks super good.

This is pretty much impossible with hardware being independent from the software.