Night attack

Inspired by the game “Toy soldiers”. Scenebuild on gm_darkgrass

Holy fucking shit that’s awesome.

That glowing radioactive wall on the top right ruins it, no offense, not your fault.

Toy Soldiers is the shit. I played the hell out of it back when it came out on the 360. You brought back lots of memories!! and where the hell did you get those models?!

Looks very good, you could have lowered the bloom settings to make that wall of god’s glowing wrath less bright.

I like the mass amount of props and bodies, made the picture pop, the wall of green sorta made me dislike the picture.

Overall, 8/10

Very nice scene and posing, but the visual contrast is all kinds of fucked up. I can barely make out what’s going on because the silhouettes of everything just kinda blend together and look like a mess of dark red and bright yellow.

Nice one! I like it too… “Over the top, lads!”