Night City

ok for real this time, i’m done…

It’s a nice scenebuild. I wish you would’ve added more soft bloom around the purple parts and maybe added a little fog in the dark black fence part stretching in the middle of the screen.

yeah, i tried adding more fog but the skybox kept showing through it. as for the bloom, i’ve got no experience when it comes to editing in post. there’s probably a way to do it in-game but i’m a lazy bastard.

Huge leap.

Love the colors on this one, reminds me a lot of Blood Dragon.

I like the color, though I would’ve hazed the front-end of the image too. Light that strong tends to pollute over a very large radius, and if it’s as hazy as that on the horizon as a result of neon lights then the foreground would likely be hazed too. The differing color of the foreground makes it look kinda… composited? Like they’re two separate images combined. Maybe balancing the foreground to be purplish too would make it a lot better.

Overall it’s good, just needs that little bit of tweaking to be that little bit better.

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For really quick and dirty haze (and if you know the basics of GIMP), make a layer, use a large soft edge brush with your haze color, and paint over segments of the scene that need to be hazed. Use a heavy blur (gaussian tends to be best, though I could be wrong) and then reduce the opacity significantly. Tinker with making it an overlay or screen layer to see if those improve it. Here’s a basic example:

Left is original, right is the edit. This is very quick and dirty, just to illustrate the basic concept, but I’m sure you get the picture. You’ll wanna tinker with the smudge tool and perhaps layer masking to get it looking perfect, but for basic fog this is how I’ve done it in the past. I use it less now because SFM has vol lights but I’m sure you get the picture. Keep at it.

A better idea would be to create a z-depth map and tweak that if needed.

I refer to Vioxtar’s guide.

edit: My apologies. I should have phrased differently. It’s a slightly more complex and yet generally better resulting method.

That’s a bit extreme for someone who doesn’t know a whole lot of post work, though.

That’s why there’s a whole step by step guide.