Night? Heck yes

Okay so a lot of users are complaining about how the night is pitch black and useless and so on, but its actually very useful, heres why:

Because its pitch black, users can travel through the nighttime if they don’t want to get killed (moving stuff and houses)
(also this is for players who KNOW the map by HEART, not using a torch, that will get you killed)

The nighttime is a good reason why everyone needs a shelter, ever had a wolf chase you? it takes around 5 minutes to outrun one, in the nighttime that must be scary as hell and when you outrun it you don’t know where you are, and you have to wait out the night.

Raids. also, because its pitch black, players who are more experienced will use the night to their effect, such as raiding, hunting and gathering.

Also one last thing, its great for crafting, crafting can sometimes take really long and the night you don’t have to worry about noobs running up to your house and banging down the door (unless your house is lit up)

Have more reasons why the night is good? post below

It isn’t pitch black anymore but I enjoy night for a much more sinister reason.

People tend to go back to base at night and throw ore in the furnace, it is a perfect time to ask for tribute from bases and if tribute is not paid then you can initiate a raid.

I play on a very highly populated server…my base is WAY out in the wasteland on top of a giant mountain so by the time I get to an area that has resources it’s already night. I normally spend all night mining and gathering the supplies needed, then as daylight is starting to break, I start the long journey back home. This has worked out for me for numerous reasons…I don’t have a group of friends that I play with aka solo…and I have yet to ever get raided or ‘held’ up or people demanding tribute or any other sillyness

One guy rolled up to my base demanding tuna, beans and hand rocks… WTF IMO that guy was MENTAL

I’ve seen people do this, ask for something rediculous, when you say you dont have it, a dozen of his clan come out and raid you until your bone dry…

I will accept a very meager tribute as long as it is paid without too much argument. If it is not paid the group will raid the house. It is actually a fun way to raid, we tend to enjoy raiding bases where the current occupants have a chance at defending the base. I am sure since this is the Rust forum people will think it is a dick move but it is very enjoyable and at the very least the occupant has a chance to fight off the attackers.

If you like pitch black nights put on a blindfold when the sun goes down…gooffaa…

A period of night which was very dark made it scary and dangerous to go out. It’s good to have immersive gameplay.

I felt so vunerable in my torch and jumped several times when someone or something jumped from the shadows to take my life.

i do kind of miss the absolute pitch black night. it was great to find lost souls who didnt make it home it time. Currently its bright enough where torches and flashlights arent really needed, so finding those people isnt as easy. I wouldnt mind seeing moon cycles though, have a full rotation of moon phases ranging from very bright(full moon) to pitch black(no moon). Could add some variety to the nights and add another element of preparedness when venturing out


Ever paid for a game, just to get in and suck and get murdered… I have, as of 3 hours ago.


The eerie music also helps make nights more creepy.

Night should last the same time as day.
It shouldnt be pitch black unless there is total cloud coverage or the moon is a sliver.
Stars generate quite a bit of light.
I like pitch black but not every night.
If you have a good monitor without adjusting gamma you can see very well at night. Yet some people say they can see nothing. Weird

I got sniped much times in the night. Thats because a bad trick what some players use…