Night in new "sky" update.

“One gameplay change the new sky might have is the with mr moon. Depending on the moon cycle night is no longer pitch black. We think this is a good thing.”

Night MUST be pitch black, otherwise anyone can alter gamma/brightness in window’s monitor settings and night becames day!
That gives HUGE advantage to such player and RUIN night gameplay, where you obviously MUST use flares/tourches and other light sources.

I think its too bright, the pitch black was a bit harse, but i got used to it and could for the most part navigate with out turning on a light. The pitch black and other players using flashlights was a HUGE appeal where you could stalk and follow your hapless victim who got caught outside at night. AS it stands right now flashlights and torches and even flares have really no use.

on the other hand that fact that there was a full moon and it was pitch black annoyed me.

He mentions moon cycles, is this to lead us to believe that there will actually be complete moon cycles? waxing waning full and no? Or does he refer to where the moon is in the sky or rather where in its day/night cycle