Night In The Compound

Haven’t posted (or posed) anything for a while, so here.

Pose idea was born from downloading the CoD4 vehicles and Black Ops M16s Floater made, and then I loaded up cs_compound_night and the idea hit me

what also hit me was the realisation that I really should fucking finish those militia, so I shall do so soon

C&C and whatev

I like it, thought with his elbow sticking out like that, I fear that he would be spotted quite easily as one guy is looking in his direction.

I dig the lighting. My only gripe is the pose of the guy walking seems a little off.

I guess considering its fairly dark, its much harder for the militia dude to spot the spec ops guy, but a nice observation my friend:)

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Oh and by the way, lovely work Taggart, really diggin’ the lighting, and the posings awesome too, a job well done

Oh I remember this old picture on Deviant art. But very cool non the less.

Why in the hell did you bump a thread from literally 2 years ago?

Maybe he’s just new and accidentally replied to an old thread. I doubt new people are aware of the fact that we in general let old stuff decay into the past by not replying to make for new stuff.