Night of the Monsters

((I wanted to make small horror-novel. This is my first published story ever.))

"I was driving on bumpy road on countryside in Alabama and it was midnight. I was really tired and i almost fell asleep. I tried to stay awake, but i closed my eyes for one second and then CRASH i bumped into tree. I hitted my head during the crash pretty badly. My head were bleeding. I took some tissues from glove compartment and i cleaned the wound with it. I opened the door and left the car. I looked around the forest and i saw something on the horizon. I moved forward and i noticed somekind of house. It looked completely abandoned, no lights or any movement inside the house. Then i hitted my foot on something. It was old, rusty toolbox. I opened it and i found hammer and old flashlight. I took them with me and moved on. I entered to the house, lock was broken so i didn’t have to break it by myself. “Hello?” i yelled. Noone answered. I decided to investigate the house.

My footsteps echoed on hollow floor. I turned my flashlight on and i sneaked to next room. I presume that it was kitchen. There was bloody knife on the sink and somekind of letter. I took it and i read it:
“*Dear James.
I really miss you and children.
How are they doing by the way?
I can come back home on next week.
I love you all!”
*Suddenly i heard screaming from the other room. I went there and i saw dead woman on the bed. I freaked out, i turned around and started running.
Before i got out, something or someone grabbed my arm and stopped me. I looked down and i saw some little girl on bloody dress. Her eyes were totally black and her mouth was full of blood. She tried to bite me, but i kicked her and she fell down. She stood up and tried to attack again. I took my hammer and i hitted her. She dropped down and there was bloodsplats everywhere. I ran out from the house and started running to my car. I heard that someone was chasing me. I went into my car and i turned engine on. “Come on, start!” i said in panic.
Then the engine started. I moved my car back on the road and i drove away quickly."

((I know, there may be some grammar errors. My english is not perfect, but i think you will understand the story. Thank you for reading!))

It was pretty predictable, no offence, most horror things are, do random things, not like… “Imma chargin mah lazor”-random, but still abit random, yet scary, otherwise people will problably just see it comming.

Still, good luck, looks pretty neat.