Night on Metal Mountain.

You have no idea what kind of lag I had when I took the shot.

i like how the statue in the back looks like it’s going “oh shit yeah bro”

good use of that foliage stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
and nice pic!

somehow it doesn’t catch that ‘epic’ heavy metal feel

Perhaps it needs more flame and dragons?

and beards.

beards aren’t metal. did Dio have a beard?

however it could do with more flames and dragons, and mountains and lava and motorcycles and legions of 8-foot tall black-armored knights with battle axes. oh and demons, the red and horn-headed kind, or demonic angels, that’s even more metal

the pic would feel more badass if the camera wasn’t so close to the character, if we could see more of what’s going on around the scene. oh and i absolutely hate that desaturated bloom

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oh and you should have put an amp into the statue’s mouth :v:

The title sounds like a Manowar song.

I think the picture needs more shirtless muscles to be more metal.

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And abs.

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Abs of goddamn steel.

good fucking job Schputnik. Besides a winner you even got me to comment, That’s how brilliant i thought it was.
(Also Amon amarth)

Everything about this is metal. The only way this could be more metal is if the guy whos playing guitar’s hands were on fire. Or if everything was on fire. [del]Or if everything was made of metal[/del]

or if he had two double-neck guitars

Or abs of goddamn steel.