Night pitch black?

I only play on and off these days so apologies this has been implemented recently but I remember back in the day (a year ago ish?) when night was really night, literally pitch black and you **needed **a torch, lanterns etc. I think they went though a few iterations to appease gamma “hacking”, but I really liked the survival element feel and I think it would go really well with the reintroduced metoblism improvements.

It just seems that even when there’s no moon, I have no problems seeing at night

Some people say nights are dark now and some say they are not.

As for me, I see pretty good at night but that could just be bad monitor configuration.

Would be nice to have a brightness/gamma slider ingame.

I remember being caught out at night or running straight into the ocean it was so dark

Ha same here. I remember being caught out at night before I made it home and literally having to wait where I was until day, and then the awesome the relief feeling seeing the sunrise. It should be hard to survive at night, perhaps some sort of temporary shelter like a deployable pickupable tent to camp out with?

Temperature should drop more at night like the water to make it harder to servive or have to were warmer clothes and perhaps even having a tent in curtain biomes as sugested may be good

On faster/fast config no shadows and night so brightness. On another configs game with shadows and shadows set game darker. Pls, fix it. Low-end PC users can kill ez :smiley: