Night ROAD

EU solider in

What the heck is an EU soldier?

AVA pointman lolz

Nice. There’s probably an enemy hiding behind him.

Looks cool, the soldier fits perfectly.

Damn this game sucks.

/me rages because of the closed beta timezone

His legs look a bit too wide open, I don’t think his right hand is even touching the gun,and the guy in the back looks duped. Nice lighting and shadows though.

Nice looks really good, can we see an original?



Good job on the picture except the fact that:

Other than that, it looks good.

it’s NRF! chl!
however good job man

yap lol my mistake, its NRF

Why a purple background for isolation? Nice pose/port.

Ho ho rate me dumb for not knowing about an entirely fictional soldier.

You haven’t heard of the EU-Forces ever? They’re real. EU = European Union

The European Union is purely political; it doesn’t have an army that operates under the EU banner.

It does.

No it doesn’t.

Do your research.

“At present, there is no military of the European Union.”

The EU has intervened with military/police action overseas as part of the ESDP (European Security and Defence Policy) but it does not operate under a single banner as, say, the UN does.

Can’t wait for the release dude.