Night time map questions

Hi there! I’m making a map with fire torches, I’d like it to be night time but I have

A. no night skybox in the games I have

B. No idea how to get the lighting as night time, I tried using light environment but no matter how dark I make it, it’s not quite right

Does anyone have any tips on the lighting?

Or maybe a skybox I could use? (I don’t know how to add them to source so I think I’ll need help with that too)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What games do you have exactly?

Second, the true way to getting the lighting to be dark is to just set it in the light_environment.

Incase you want more help, follow this:

Counter-Strike Source, and HL2 (no eps) Because my HDD was recently wiped so I’m midway through re-downloading them

EDIT: Oh and I don’t think this will matter but Left 4 Dead 2

The website Bounctubez is a good page for the sky’s and the numbers near them are the best settings to set the light_enviroment should be set as, its easy to follow and gives nice results.

tried it, doesn’t seem to exist

All source games have the default skyboxes. Sky_day01_09 is night time.

Are you using the tools/skybox texture? Are you sure you’re not putting wrong things into the light_environment?

no, I dived further into light environment and worked that one out by myself, and that skybox (sky_day01_09) isn’t QUITE what I’m after, but kudos to you, I hadn’t seen that one looking through it.

Oh and yes, it is the tools/toolsskybox texture