Night time

Honestly we are here to play the game not sit in our houses for 1/4 of the time playing it safe. People log on to play they don’t want to be as limited as you are with the 15 minutes of pitch black. I say eliminate night time or at least shorten it. If people want to use Gamma let them if they don’t it’s not leveling the playing field by making us waist 1/4 of our play time. Can the pitch black thing Please!!!

I’m pretty sure they just need to add in actual moonlight to the game. I’m not sure how it works exactly with the gamma fix, but I would say just be patient we’ll get a fix eventually.

You stay inside your house during night? Sounds exciting. I go out and farm trees and ore during night because it’s easy to see the nodes, and it provides protection from other players (harder for them to see you). So no, please leave the night cycle the way it is. If anything just extend the day cycle a little.

Yea, no problems with the night here.

night time in the wild IS a dangerous thing. you can’t see well unless the moon is out or you use a light source. any light you do use will draw attention, or spook wildlife. add to that hostile people looking for easy loot, and it’s borderline suicide to go out at night with a torch. but in my mind, that’s exactly how it should be.

the 15 mins is already a reduction for the sake of gameplay, i don’t think it needs to be nerfed any more than that. there are plenty of options regarding night time play. use it to craft, run with a crew of guns and torches, wear the candlehat and spear anyone who comes near your well lit goodness.

as for gamma, i hate that shit, and am glad they found a method to reduce the effect tweaking it to unnatural levels had on nocturnal visibility. promoting that is akin to promoting building houses inside rocks. it’s not an intended gameplay mechanic, and i see it as cheap metagaming.

is it just be or is it almost impossible to see ores at night. sure on a slope looking up i can see em, the silhouette of a round stone against the dark night sky, but get to that area, they all blend in to the dark depths of the ground. sure use my torches. 5 min later raiders come thru. bam. dead. night time, i sit atop my humble abode, and take potshots off at any torches i see get near my house

See I feel you’re wrong mrknifey. I spent my whole childhood and still when I have free time go to the wilderness in areas of PA that are not drowned by light pollution. I can see very well at night with or without the moon, see because there are billions of stars that light up the sky at night. So if they wanted to do anything they could generate random cloudy nights. But in the current state it’s nothing more than preventing people from playing the whole content for potions of time.

I can see at night enough to hit a tree or mine a rock. But it isn’t real life, it’s a game. When I log on if I have a half hour to play and I just start out and it’s night time I’m screwed. And as for your comment about running with a group, thats not a level playing field for those who wish to survive solo.

It’s simple cut the infinite black nights because it’s not realistic, and it doesn’t need to be. It’s Rust, A video game. We want to play it, not sit and stare at a black screen hoping we’re near another tree or node. Instead of worrying about gamma, fix the ability to swing a hatchet while swimming, give us methods to raid rock bases, or ways to access a chest under water with a codelock that doesn’t involve C4 and destrying it’s contents.

I was just playing at night. Fresh spawn, dying of cold in the desert, and I have to light a fire so I don’t die. I’m crouching with my back to a rock when I hear footsteps coming from behind me. I turn, wait, and right as the guy rounds the corner of the rock I shoot him in the face with an arrow.

He dies, I take his Thompson, clothes, food, ammo, tools, and everything. I put out my fire and then run off into the dark to find a place to build. I love the night!

I’d rather have the pitch black than the gamma cheaters.

OR you could raid at night time, attack people by surprise, you can see the shapes of the homes, just have someone light stuff for you if you really want that + I’m sure they will readd the flares and then you will just throw them in/on/around the house when you start that. + you said something about wilderness area without pollution, the Rust islands look as they are pretty polluted especially with the abandoned rad towns but this game isn’t based on realism :smiley: that’s for sure

I appreciate what you are saying about the less light polluted areas having better visibility; part of that is your eyes getting used to the lighting conditions, part of that is as you said…the stars provide a decent amount of light out there. But the current night system is not purely to stop people playing at night, there are multiple tools that have been implemented to make it possible to continue functioning despite the darkness. It’s representative of the dangers of wandering around in the dark.

Personally I like that level of realism. Removing the night is a bit like removing food, or removing building. It’s not necessary to the game, sure, but it has been a part of rust from the beginning, and it is part of what I like about the game. Gamma was just one of many things they have targeted in terms of exploits; they have, and will continue fixing other things too as they go along.

About the group having the advantage? Yes, absolutely. 1 person has a single pair of hands, so they need to be especially careful wandering in the dark with a torch. A group of say 5 people can have 1 torchbearer, 2 harvesters and 2 guards. It’s not balanced, but it shouldn’t be. The difference is that a group of 5 people are probably going to stick out like a sore thumb, and be a bigger target for other groups than a single player grabbing some wood who can just hide.

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The night is only a problem when you start, you can’t see predator in the forest and if not in the forest you will freeze to death… after when you get better equip it’s ok, I use the night to farm most of the time.

But one thing I would like is if you can hold a torch in the left hand and a tool or a pistol in the right hand. And also being able to put down a lantern or fire when into protection range of cupboard.

Night is fine. I too, resource trees and the occasional rock. I think it is fine, besides there are several tasks to do at night in your base, not every night, but most nights.

I think that animals could have glowing eyes if not too difficult to program. That way at least we have a fighting chance, however slim, to kill those pesky wolves. I would also request the option to use C4 on wolves, those damn predators :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of glowing eyes at night on animal… it could be cool :slight_smile:

Since when do animal’s eyes glow at night? I have to disagree with that. However, if you have a light source (torch, fire, proposed candle hat or weapon lights), you should be able to see the reflection of that light in nearby animals’ eyes, even if you can’t see the animal.

add the moon cycle that used to be on legacy… i loved that… only with the light of the moon in the night

I think it happen about the same time that humanity can clone themselves instantly and run to loot there own corpse… RUST is not all about realistic behavior :rolleyes:

Gameplay and reality are 2 different things. Liberties need to be taken for the sake of gameplay. Perma-death would make for a pretty shitty game.

It’s only one example taken from many… Gameplay is exactly why the glowing eye suggestion was done at first, and since it happen if there is light to reflect it’s not far from reality… I think it could be fun and frightening at the same time to see a pair of glowing eye in the dark without knowing what it is… but it’s only a matter of personal preference and point of view.

hello everybody .
I play on development version . since yesterday , when the night comes , there is many white pixels that appears and taint the images . this new adjustment for the gamma is very damaging , the images are ugly . we can’t play at all at night with this adjustement . please reset the old adjustements .