Night to New Vegas

First time, I plan to do in daylight, but test on night scene is much better.

Love the lighting.

Great pic but the low-res ground is really bothersome.

A birch in Nevada?

mutant tree that looks like a birch?

The posing on the girl looks kind of awkward.

Naw, She’s just showing off what she’s got.

Love the colors and the light. Nice build to. Sets a nice atmosphere.

Thank you for criticism.
It’s mean for my improvement. :slight_smile:

The colours are all kind of weird to be honest. The plants are too saturated, while the ground seems to be grabbing almost none of the light colour.

The harsh white light from the lower left doesn’t help muhc, nor the bloom on the red sign. - if it is blooming does it mean it’s self lit? If yes why doesn’t it drop off ambient light.

Sorry for the criticsm.