Night Vision Goggles?

I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if rust had night vision goggles. It would make night raids better and people could go resource gathering at night. What do you guys think?

No. and make it so gamma changers cant see in dark.

I think they should :smiley:
And it should only be available through airdrops

If NV goggles were introduced into the game, I think they should be extremely difficult to acquire and/or very resource heavy to craft.

I also think they should have a battery that cannot be replaced, and when it runs dead the goggles become useless.

I really enjoy the nighttime mechanics. I love that when it’s dark, it’s VERY dark. This requires people to use light sources such as torches, flashlights and campfires. I would hate to see this replaced by everyone running around with NV goggles. Might as well not have a day/night cycle at that point.

No, with that it would be very op.

Why Night Vision? There’s only a few minutes of pitch black darkness a day.

They would be nice but you should be unable to craft them have a limitet time of use and only drop rare from airdrops or very very rare from zombies (from zombies so farming them would have a real use)

Maybe a thermal or nvg scope instead of headset

My vote is No.
Imagine raids with NV googles, that’s way to easy for the guys wearing them.
Nice idéa tho :slight_smile:

yes but it should be really, really, expensive

Why even add night vision, so more m4 bandit clans can go out in the middle of the night and shoot fresh spawns…

If you were to build them they should be at least 300 metal fragments, have like an airdrop component like ‘Electrical Parts’ and Low-Grade Fuel as the resources needed.

Kicker would be that they lasted 3 minutes or something seriously short.

I mean…if it was EVER considered which is unlikely.

Then theres no need in them. As no one would make them.

Please, no. Airdrop exclusive loot is a terrible concept. Explosives not being available to solo players period is annoying as all hell already. I’m not saying good loot should be easy to get, but leave us alternatives with new additions to the game. Groups of people are strong enough compared to nearly every lone wolf as is by craftable explosive exclusivity alone, no need to make things worse.

Exactly, it is really frustrating to get shot by a noob just because he is using full gamma :confused:

It’s too easy with night vision goggles…

No, no and no, NV would just mess up the whole night/day cycle, and like someone else here said; raiding parties would have too much of an advantage over people without them.

How about No fucking NO.

lol you act like 300 metal fragments is “a lot”… if you said 300 low quality metal then yeah, i’d agree with the price amount.

Rust says “NO MILITARY EQUIPMENT / WEAPONS” for a reason. Player base that wants snipers and NV Goggles, go play DayZ with a terrible player base. THEY ARE DIFFERENT GAMES. DIFFERENT PURPOSES. DIFFERENT VIEWS.

NV Goggles is the WORST idea i have seen thus far for Rust to implement.

Nightvision in airdrops = Rich get richer, poor stay poor.