Night Vision Goggles

I know some people will want to disagree with this idea, but hear me out first.

At the moment the only ways the see where you are going at night are to use torches or flares. But people can see you coming from a mile away. This would be fine but what if you are trying to follow someone or just survey an area without attracting 15 noobs looking for light. I think night vision goggles would fit this need fairly well. I originally thought about a night vision scope, but since modern weapons are being made more rare, this would be made less effective. Night vision goggles could be from airdrops only and non craft able to prevent unfair advantages to the higher tiered players.

You might be thinking “This sounds op, it will just make it harder for people without night vision goggles to retaliate against people with them.” That’s why night goggles should have a critical weakness where they are very sensitive to light. Being within 50 meters of a fire or torch could case huge lens flare and make it difficult to see exactly what you are looking at. They would make you go blind if you dare wear them during the day. This gives new players an easy defense, as within 5 minutes of spawning you have access to torches and campfires. Another con for night vision goggles would be that they take up your helmet slot. This probably doesn’t sound threatening but being without your Kevlar helmet can be a great disadvantage. And having to manually go into your inventory and take off your night vision goggles before entering someone’s lit up home is time consuming and leaves you defenseless while you are changing helmets.

Overall I think this tool sounds balanced and provides a very situational, but effective, way to see without being seen.

dont qoute me iim wrong, but when holding a flare lit in hand, only you can see the light. vs throwing it.

Yes but this is just a bug. It is intended to light up for everyone. This will be patched soon and when it is patched my previous post will come into effect.

I kind of agree on the idea of NV/IR-goggles, even more since you had the rationality to suggest it to be airdrop-only accesable. I also like the ‘flash’ effect you would get if someone lit a torch or waved a flashlight in your face.

Although I do not agree on the night-vision taking up the helmet slot, I see the reason why you state this but I think that it is just unreasonable.

It should also be ‘timed’ to a battery, much like the torch is timed to 250 seconds, the goggles ought to be timed for an X time until you need to recharge them meaning that you cannot use them straight throughout the night but must pause and recharge.

You can also use flashlight on guns you know?

But your idea is cool. Another thing I would add to this game. Or maybe I should say the sequel.

No. Fuck no. Never.


Dont really like the idea of night vision goggles, because of how unfair it would be to everyone who doesnt have them, even if they were rare. It just shouldnt be in a game like this.

We already have gamma goggles heuheu.

That ruins that dark part of night.

Did you not read my entire paragraph on how to counteract night vision goggles? You still think they are unfair?

I dont think its a great idea as the game dont want to have all thoose nottime stuff. I also think that they will remove all the guns (good ones like m9k and shotgun) and replace them with homemade weapons something like the revolver thats still good but not nowtime.

Sounds like a cool idea, but sounds wayyyy too OP. You could make it Infra Red and hard to see through- but how in the makeshift hand crafted world of rust would something that technical be made I don’t know

The idea of having NV Goggles is an old one, but you’ve made a much better case than most… that being said I like being afraid of the dark in this game, something like Night Vision would totally take that fear away and make you feel much too safe. Nobody is safe in Rust :tinfoil:

I’m not sure this is as huge a disadvantage as you think, if they have a fire on to stop people with night vision wouldn’t you just take the goggles off and murder them by the light of there own campfire?

oh, good point. I might not have thought this out as well as I could have. I’m just throwing the idea out there and seeing what people think.

If a NV-equipped fighter were to come close any source of bright light, he would go completely blind and even if the fighter removes his goggles, it would take some time to remove it as it would take some time for they eyes to adjust from the ‘flash’ he was just exposed to.

But yes, I see your point and it is valid.

Or just Pump your gamma up and see through 90% of the night time but that ruins the ambiance