Night vision in rust?!!!! Nooo pls so I heard from this guy that The rust devs might add a night vision to rust so we can see the dark. I think it’s a horrible idea. Why?.. This is why it will just take away the torches and flares out of the game… They will be useless! I love when it’s dark. I feel more of a survival guy that’s using torches and flares as light sources which feels great. I don’t like this idea. So please Garry don’t add this.

I could see it if it were really expensive to build, and there was a limit on its lifespan

Sweet that would be awesome

Why would you believe some rando?

Night vision would be awesome, because I could pop a flare or use a torch and it would blind any night vision users. Balance.

This is awesome

I think NV. dont need, coz not fixed nvidia brightnes… If devs fix this, then yes…

night vision is too high tech. That and even though you could potentially use a torch or flare to blind I still think it’s overpowered.

Please god no, the night is ‘The’ time to be out as a naked to gather some resources. You get KOS’ed in the day time. Don’t give the kossing bastards an opertunity to KOS at night to.

If they add night vision it will really change the gameplay of rust. How? Well torches and flares would be kind of useless. Plus I love raiding and going out at nightso no,one can see me… This is why I kind of love when it’s night. It’s spooky. People raid at night so you need to be careful. It’s very enjoyable at night. I don’t like seeing night vision implanted to rust.

I agree that NV-Goggles, not scopes or optics, just goggles, should be added as a ultra rare airdrop that is noncraftable, vulnurable to any form of damage and sensitive to light.

How do you know that its going to be military grade NV we have now? It could just be moonlight scopes that they used in Vietnam.

I think that once they have a variety of higher end tech levels available night vision and thermal imaging would be a very interesting addition to the game. Ideally it would come after the ability to remove attachments from weapons (so weapons with these rare attachments could be dismantled and studied), as well as require a variety of resources that were difficult to come by. For the time being just adding a scope would be a game changer, adding a night vision scope would be a bit much for a single update. Personally I would rather see binoculars, and night vision binoculars be added to the game before any new weapons attachment tech.

Night visions is in the game. Its called gamma.