Night vision

ahhgg…have error in laser

Link isn’t working

what can i do for this problem …?
im noob…

try another file service is pretty good

Here, fixed for y’a :

By night visions green light, no insurgent shall escape my gun sight

It’d be nice if people made an effort to hide the faces of these models since they have the same head. Also, nightvision is circular, not a square. That’s why the goggles themselves are. . . Ya know, round.

Shhhh, Emperor Obama doesn’t want the world to know about his secret clone army

The only issue I can see is that the barrel of the guns are very blocky and cornery. You can use the liquefy tool in photoshop to fix it.

not sure what you’re asking him to change

You see how his nightvision overlay is square? It should be round.

but then wouldn’t it feel as if the picture was being viewed through another soldiers NV goggles instead of just having the environment changed to reflect the focus character’s view of the environment (from a 3rd person perspective)?

my opinion, at-least. it would be strange for the soldier to be pointing his assault rifle at a friendly

Look trough a pair of binoculars. Do you see circles or a normal view?

Circles on the ones I’ve used. Then again, could just be the type.