Night Vision

I’m terrible at intros so fuck, have this feature list and shit.

Download here:


  • Completely client-side (other people won’t see you use this)
  • Highly customizable
  • Night Vision and Forward-Looking Infrared Thermal Vision goggle types
  • ID (Illumination-Detection)
  • ETISD (Eye Trace Illumination-Sensitive Detection)
  • ISIB (Illumination-Smart Intensity Balancing)
  • AIM (Alternate Illuminating Method)
  • FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared)

You can customize stuff in the Q menu (Q > Utilities > NVScript), but if you don’t want to, you can use the console commands:
nv_togg - toggle the night-vision
nv_id_status <0 - 1> - turn ID (Illumination-Detection) on/off
nv_id_reaction_time <0.1 - 1.0> - time for ID (Illumination-Detection) to react when entering a dark/bright area (in seconds) (higher = slower)
nv_id_sens_darkness <0.05 - 1.0> - darkness scale at which ID (Illumination-Detection) starts functioning (higher = darker)
nv_etisd_status <0 - 1> - turn ETISD (Eye Trace Illumination-Sensitive Detection) on/off
nv_etisd_sensitivity_range <100 - 500> - set the range at which ETISD (Eye Trace Illumination-Sensitive Detection) is functional
nv_isib_status <0 - 1> - turn ISIB (Illumination-Smart Intensity Balancing) on/off
nv_isib_sensitivity <2 - 10> - control the sensitivity of ISIB (Illumination-Sensitive Intensity Balancing)
nv_aim_status <0 - 1> - turn AIM (Alternate Illumination Method) on/off
nv_aim_range <50 - 300> - range at which AIM (Alternate Illumination Method) works
nv_fx_blur_status <0 - 1> - turn Blur effect on/off
nv_fx_blur_intensity <0.2 - 1.75> - control how intense the blur effect is
nv_fx_distort_status <0 - 1> - turn Distort effect on/off
nv_fx_colormod_status <0 - 1> - turn Green Overlay effect on/off
nv_fx_goggle_status <0 - 1> - turn Goggle effect on/off
nv_fx_noise_status <0 - 1> - turn Noise effect on/off
nv_fx_noise_variety <0 - 40> - specify amount of Noise textures to generate for use within the Noise effect
nv_fx_bloom_status <0 - 1> - turn Bloom effect on/off
nv_toggspeed <0.02 - 1.0> - set the speed at which your night vision turns on
nv_illum_area <64 - 1024> - set the distance which is illuminated whenever night vision is turned on
nv_illum_bright <0.2 - 1.0> - set the brightness of the night-vision
nv_type <1 - 2> - 1 is night vision, 2 is FLIR thermal vision
nv_reset_everything - self-explanatory

ID (Illumination-Detection):
Automatically turns on your night-vision whenever you enter a dark area.


  • Sensitivity
  • Reaction time

ETISD (Eye Trace Illumination-Sensitive Detection):
Automatically turns off your night-vision when looking at a bright area from a dark area.


  • Range

ISIB (Illumination-Sensitive Intensity Balancing):
Automatically balances the intensity of your night-vision depending on current area’s level of darkness.


  • Sensitivity

AIM (Alternate Illuminating Method):
Illuminates towards your aim direction.


  • Range


Download here:

Credits (initial release, in 2010):
blackops7799 - darkness illuminating light, blur effect
Kogitsune - helped me out with ETISD
TetaBonita - sound effects/turn on effect

Looks really good. I’d love to utilise something like this in a roleplay gamemode.

You’d have to spend some time on it in case you’re planning on removing the customizability.

I can see people abusing it a lot, considering it’s clientside.
Oh well, not a lot of servers allows custom scripts anyway.

Oh no, people can see in the dark. How abusive.

In a game of hide and seek, whatever thing, a gamemode, darkrp, a dark room, they can basically see everyone on sight.

As opposed to a Simple wall hack?
If you’re allowing client-side scripts, there will be much worse than night vision.

Anyway, this looks really good. Great work

dude i rather run a hack than a night vision script to cheat

Script can’t get you VAC banned
Hacks can.

When did he mention VAC? I don’t think you know what hacks he’s talking about.

so lua_openscript_cl gear2.lua vs lua_openscript_cl nightvision.lua gets you banned more easily?

WOW suddenly thread got shit up by OMG YOUR NIGHT VISION SCRIPT CAN BE MISUSED FOR CHEATING (wow really)
calm down fellas

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just stop ok
in fact, here let me show you a picture of me misusing my hacks for hacking

Didn’t your GearVison hack get leaked recently?

not gear 2 is shared between me and 2 other people, some old copy paste version got leaked for it a while ago

I got to give you credit for the ESP, I quite like it better then any of the other esps I’ve seen before, Mind if I use it ? Plus I laughed when there was a hack in a hack… Like there is “Gearmenu” for the esp and shit then “GB_menu” for the aimbot etc.

Clientside Script Thread -> Hack Thread -> ???