Night walk.

Original pose by mosquito, edited by me.

Please C&C

It’s nice, but the light beams might be too solid looking. I like the rim lights though :smiley:

As I said on Steam, the flashes’ beams are ugly, but the rest is fantastic!

Palette for you, my good sir.

Flash beams are a bit wonkey.

Nice rimlights.

As I said, torch beams are shit.

Rim lighting, the tone you’ve given to the textures look great though.

Nice rimlighting.

where is that lens flare coming from?

His eye :v:
He’s got a flashlight on his helm or something! I dunno

Flashlight looks like a bat made of light lol
But the rest of the lights are cool, I like how the texture show man.

Thank you for the comments :smiley:


Nice shading. Torchbeams could do with some work though.

Thanks for the C&C :smiley:

Keep it coming.