Nightfire Textures - Decal Pack

A large decal pack for mappers.

These textures are still in .png due to the massive amount of textures and batch converting failing and sizing since the textures may be different sizes, setting would be different. so you can convert them as you need them with VTFEdit.
This pack includes 136 different textures to use as you wish.



Note: Decals are stretched in the following pics causing lowered quality from the actual looks.

Red Signs (Also available in blue):




more previews to come.

Looks good for future and high tech maps.

I also made a pack of wall, floor, ect. textures that is 101 mb that i will upload later

I contains over 1k textures

Wasn’t Nightfire a Goldsrc game? How do these look on an actual map with source textures?

I never knew it was a GoldSrc game. The graphics looked pretty damn good for GoldSrc.

That texture pack might prove useful.

How did you do this, anyways? I’ve tried doing this before, but I’ve failed miserably every time.

You don’t get the textures from the material folder you get them textures folder where they are in .png


The textures look really nice. There are textures for all kinds of maps.


I uses a modded version of goldsrc.
The game was made by gearbox and uses a modded version of hammer.

oh shit!