Nightfire weapons

Could someone please get some of theses weapons from Nightfire?

Walther P99

SIG SG 551


Milkor MGL

Minigun Rifle

Laser Rifle


I’ve ported Nightfire models before… character models, though.

Lemme remember how I did it…

1.) Grab Dragon Unpacker and extract the contents of the assets.007 files. The model textures are all PNGs… some of them, like Bond’s face, have near-invisible alpha settings for some reason, you’ll need to flatten them.
2.) Grab Nightfire Model Decompiler and decompile the MDL files into a Half-Life or Source format.
3.) Use a text editor to edit the .QC files to be less Goldsrc-y and more Source-y.
4.) Use the tool of your choice (I use the old VTF plugin for 32-bit Photoshop) to convert the PNG files to VTF, and author appropriate VMTs for them.
5.) StudioMDL that mess!

I’d help further, but let’s just say things are about to get very, very busy for me. Sorry.