Nighthawk Custom T3 - Sexiest... handgun... ever.

Was thumbing through a magazine the other day and saw Nighthawk Custom’s T3. Hooooooly sheeeeit. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen such an awesome-looking handgun. This thing BEGS to be made into a SWEP.

This custom 1911 comes in both Stainless and Comp (black).

More in-depth images and information can be found here:

Looks and sound good to me, but I’d rather have an extremely detailed and well made model than a crappy model/SWEP.

Yes, I agree completely. A SWEP can be made any time, it’s the model/skin that’s going to make the impression.

Yeah, as long as the model is amazing quality, I really don’t care if it’s made into a SWEP. For a SWEP you’re gonna need some gun sounds though, like recorded from the actual gun.

Doesn’t look that much different than a stock M1911 to me. You could probably do this as a reskin, reusing the mesh from any of the high-res M1911 models out there.

Sounds good to me, as long as the final product actually looks good.

So I guess this isn’t happening?

looks kind of like a weapon that would be put on display rather than used. kind of like a “pussified” counterpart to the real deal.

I’ve read many times before how people have weapons that LOOK like they should be put on display as personal weapons and they work fine. Unless this gun happens to be made of plastic it should work as well as a worse looking one.

Yeah… you should see this thing fire before making such assumptions.

Yeah, I’ve even heard that decorated ones like this perform BETTER than the regular one because it might be higher quality.

I think looking at a hell of a lot more guns might be in order before a simple pistol is labeled “The Sexiest Handgun Ever”
Just sayin’ is all.

what is that, damn are you sick boy?

I don’t agree with the title but it IS a very well made handgun.

It’s called an opinion. Lol. I dunno, I think the Kimber 1911’s are pretty damn hot too.

Don’t we have enough guns already?