nightmare before christmas models

I was wondering, could someone port models of the characters from the nightmare before christmas?
you could port them form either oogie’s revenge or kingdom hearts

No, if you keep on making unworthy submissions.

if i make pics with them, you won’t see them on here

So? But you request many things, thinking you’ll get stuff for free.

wait, don’t moddelers port stuff for the community, not just me?

i didn’t do anything wrong, i posted screenshots in the SCREENSHOTS section, what’s wrong with that? certainly no reason for me to get banned

LuigiMario did port Zero from the Kingdom Hearts game. We just need Jack Skellington and the others.

On the other hand…

-_- Because you do 10 second poses, and people already lost faith in you because you didn’t listen.

Late reply much?

it’s certainly not a crime though

It’s certainly retarded and stupid though.

Search for mariokart64’s threads. P. sure he made some and has them in one of his threads.

i saw a jack skellington on fpsbanana