Nightmare, Darkness.

Have you ever wondered why in a nightmare, sometimes you just can’t move?
Have you ever wondered what lurks in the dark? In a twisted world beyond your own imagination?
Do you ever question why you can’t always move in nightmares?
Do you think of what wonders in the forest, abandoned asylums, haunted houses?

Now come one, we all had those dreams while we were little.
Since tomorrow is friday, i decided to make this since ill be watching the latest videos from MrCreepyPasta on Youtube, i love scary stories! :smiley:

I made this one a while back with Simple DOF,

Just thought of sharing it before i trashed it.

By the way, can anyone edit my 1st picture to make it seem scarier?

2spooky 2spooky

I don’t think im able to use underwear any more.