Nightmares (a Little Comic Story)

Hi there
A little comics i made


-Raptor As Main Char
-Redman as Redman
-Alex as Alex/Redman Bf
-Eggman as Nightmare Eggman



-Raptor and Redman(me)- Story
-Redman- Casting,Director and Something Else
Have fun

When Alex Says “Weel” he Mean “Well” But i don’t correct this cause i’m stupid

Dat face.

Don’t you love it when you have a nightmare inside a nightmare inside a nightmare?

Yeah, neither do I.

I didn’t realize I was in Raptor’s nightmares, poor guy.

Stopped readin’ at two gay vampires :v:

But serious now, I kinda enjoyed it.

Awesome Man!

Hey i didn’t even remember when i moved in :allears:

Even alex :buddy:

You have terrible english in the first panels. (your speak: you haz bad talk)
Sorry bout the grammar Nazi.