I would bump Louis a couple notches to the left. Other than that, its definitely got a horror feel to it.

by the way
zombie is holding a knife in his hand

I always wondered why infected people in L4D doesn’t use those thing - as knife, pipe and others
Even if they’re infected, they still have something
something i can’t call mind but smth like this

Because the virus in L4D causes humans to act like rabid animals. It completely leaves them unintelligent and entirely run by instinct. THEY’RE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO USE TOOLS.

Besides, the zombie stereotype has them using their hands, e.g. Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty, despite being trained soldiers, do not use the weapons in Call of Duty. Treyach even made a weapon for them called “Braaaaaiiiinnnssss…” so that they wouldn’t be using the default melee (i.e. knifes)

So to sum it up, this shit ain’t Resident Evil.