Nights Aren't Dark Enough

I haven’t used a torch since the tweak to nights making them less dark. Personally I really enjoyed the nearly pitch black nights, but I understand the need to compromise a bit and make things not nearly so dark. Currently tho, it’s still very easy to see just about everything at night even without a full moon. The torch should definitely be important again, right now it’s just a waste of an inventory slot.

agreed. you cant even sneak or hide at night anymore. even inside a closed room at night, you can see super clearly everything even the signs.

In h1z1 people are scared and log out at nights, the developers told. Rust veterans ROFL.

I agree, although I think the compromise was done to level the playing field. Before, anyone who tweaked their gamma could see at night, and anyone who didn’t (exploit the game mechanics) was at a disadvantage. FP didn’t want to make it so that everyone HAS to tweak their gamma to compete, and tried various ways to combat the gamma-tweaking, but failed. Eventually, thy just decided to make it so that EVERYONE can see, so their is no advantage in tweaking your gamma settings.

If you can’t beat them, join them, kind of thing…

It’s still really freaking dark in close spaces, especially bases.
The moonshine is a bit up there, but neil. has a point.

Would be nice if everything would be pitchblack after like 100 meters.

At the moment I don’t need a torch.

If your monitor is set right you pretty much never need a light any more indeed. Before it was impossible to do anything at night without some light.

I agree its too bright but the old way wasn’t good cause you were followed by an anti-light globe around you that gave you the impression you were in shadows but everyone else would see you clear as day. With all the brightness and gamma adjustments out there i’m not sure there is any solution that would be fairer than the way its set up now.

Yeah, they had its darker before. Not the fuzzy whit crap, but after that with moonlight looking stuff was nice now its just back to bright and gamma adjust crap. << way to bright @ night!

Got my screen @ lowest backlight and still i can shoot a bear @ 150m without trouble!

At daytime everything is way to bright, why is the sun bright white?

What do you mean why? That’s how sun is?

I think that’s how it ought to be. Maybe depending on mooncycles, but an average night should require a torch or candle-hat to operate. To have otherwise makes light-emitting items, and really night itself, sort of pointless.

Atleast its bright for everyone now, before it was bright only for gama tweakers

Humans have fair night vision and stars/light shows up way better in unlit zones

That screen (gamma/contrast unchanged from default) looks like a Florida night. We have clear nights on the beach and whatnot just as this picture shows. You can see for about a mile in any direction, especially on the fatter moon phases.

P.S. Come to Florida and see our Harvest Moons. Can’t be in a city to get the full effect. You can see quite well.

My point isn’t whether it’s realistic or fair, it’s just that the torch has literally no use now (and by that logic, so is the candle hat). If we could salvage the cloth/fuel that would be nice but I think make nights super dark would really bring back the feel that Rust had of scary environments. Currently night really is no difference to me.

maybe i will in a short while! :smiley:

The nights in my country are just very very dark, but howcome i never have to use a flare or candlehat to get some vision, in while other players are complaining about “its to dark to see” ?

got my backlight on lowest on my screen.

^^^same for me