NiGHTS Ragdolls?

Um, hi. I hope the fact that I’m a lurker that has never posted before doesn’t make this a problem, but for a while I’ve been wanting ragdolls from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for GMod, but I have no knowledge of 3D modeling or rigging whatsoever, and I thought this might be the best place to request them.

Anyway, I found a download that has models ripped from the game. I really just want the NiGHTS, Reala (modified version without the mask), Claris, and Elliot models.

I’d at least like them to have finger posing, and if it isn’t too much trouble, simple face posing.

Like I said, I have no knowledge about this kind of stuff so if it seems too much to ask much I apologize.


Humm interesting seem to be of decient quality (some messed up UVs here and there though).

Problem is though all that program is that you’ve provided is a viewer, theres no way of exporting these models to be actually used for anything ¬.¬

I know how to get models out of a viewer if I can see them. Are there actually models included with the viewer?

Yes and how? (as that would be useful to know)

I’ll just use 3DX Ripper and convert them to .3ds or something. Or .obj if you prefer.

It works on viewers? I always wanted to try that but I never thought it would actually work.

.obj is the default non-directx format output from 3D Ripper DX, but for some reason I can’t get the .obj files from it to inport into any of my modelling programs @.@ so if you wanting me to look at them try .3ds as I can import other people’s ripped stuff from it, just not the stuff I ripped from my Laptop :confused:

Well if it has problems displaying when running 3dxripper then it will give an invalid .obj. Had that issue with 1 game. And yeah it works on most viewers. They just have to use directx 8 or 9. I use it with the Kingdom Hearts model viewer to get KH models.

Sad news is this though. I tried getting them for you with 3dx ripper but I wasn’t successful. It must run the viewer through openGL. And I don’t have the ability to rip openGL at this point in time. Guess you’ll have to wait for someone else. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Shame, and the .obj files are fine I can open them in viewers and it shows perfectly fine with no distorting (like the Guild Wars ones do), but they just wont load in any modelling programs @.@ (which makes no sense)

Why not try opening them with the Crafty viewer and then re-exporting the .obj and see if you can open them? Anyway way we probably get back on topic. So we most likely need someone who can rip these unless someone can figure out how to convert them.

That was the first thing I tried after they didn’t work, made no difference :frowning: